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Richard is on the road for his major trip.

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A break in Asia.

Week 01 - 04, tuesday  01 January - sunday 27 January 2013.

The weeks back in the Netherlands were cold, wet but very pleasant with my friends and family. I celebrated Christmas at my sisters place and New Years Eve at my friends place in Heerhugowaard. As it starts to be a frequent thing to happen  I cached a cold again when I was in the Netherlands. On the 15th of January I took the plane to Taiwan where I arrived in the early morning of the 16th. During my flight to Taiwan, my friends Megan and Yann had arranged a place to sleep in a hostel close by the main train station in Taipei. They even had figured out for me witch bus I had to take to get myself from the airport to the hostel in the centre of Taipei. Taipei is a really busy place and because of all the traffic lots of people are using a scooter to move them self in the city. As Athens was a motorbike city so is Taipei a scooter city. The first couple days I went to visit some tourist place in Taipei like the Longshan temple, the 101 tower once , the Taipei EXPO park, the peace park and the presidential office building. During those days I tried the local food in the little store in the small side streets. It wasn’t always that easy to explain what I wanted, but in the end I got something something to eat. I also met Megan and Yann for a lunch meeting and it was really nice to see them again after two years. On Saturday I went to there place in I-lan and we had lunch and dinner together with little Maxime. I-lan is located east of Taipei and easily to reach by bus and is famous because of the hot-springs. Later the day Yann and I went out for a ride in the area and I saw the well known rice fields and to show the place were Megan’s parents live. After we picked up Megan and Maxime we went for a walk at the beach a bit further north and I got to taste a typical Taiwanese ice-cream. On monday I took the bus back to Taipei and a connected bus to Kenting al the way south in Taiwan. The bus I was in was so luxury that there were only 14 seats in the bus, I had my own TV and game-box. After a 5 hours bus ride I had to switch busses at Kaohsiung. The driver of this bus was the most horrified bus driver I’ve ever seen. After two long hours I finally arrived in Kenting and after a short search I found my hostel Megan had booked for me. It turn’s out to be a hotel and I got a private room met own bathroom. Kenting is a small place but very popular in Taiwan for it’s surfing possibilities, far less is the possibility to dive in Kenting National Park. It’s here were I met lot’s of people and we went together to the Aquarium, beach and the McDonald’s. At night we were drinking beer at the 7-11 since the beers at the clubs / bars were triple the price. One night we went to the Reggae bus were they sell bucket of cocktail’s, men it’s about a liter of cocktail for about €10. I did also some diving in Kenting National Park and it was nice to be in the water again. The weather here can change very quickly from sunny to rain and from heavy wind till no wind at all. The rain showers are usually short but the wind can easily takes the entire day. Kenting is typical a place where you can hangout for some days. I my case I stayed there for a week and I could easily have stayed longer, but I wanted to see more of Taiwan.  After Kenting I took the bus back to Kaohsiung, north of Kenting. I spend here a couple days and visited many places, like the old British Consulate with a nice view over the water, more temples and more temples. I will not bother you with all the names of all the temples I have visit, also because I lost track of all the names myself, but believe me that it is worth to visit those temples. I guess I will see much more of them when I heading to Thailand and HongKong. I decided to stay three nights at the ‘99house’ hostel near the harbor in the old area of Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung is the oldest city of Taiwan and also the place where they did the trading. The port doesn’t look that big but outside at sea there were many vessels waiting to get in the port to unload there freight. This port is also one of the main bases for the Taiwanese marine vessels. Kaohsiung is also one of they places where you can keep on eating, because there are food places everywhere. There will always be a place where you can buy food 24 hours a day. I took in the last two weeks lots of photo’s of temples I have seen and would advise you to visit those.

After Kaohsiung I went to Tainan to visit my friend Pedro and his just married girl. I got my self in ‘Iris Tower hostel’ in Tainan city. In the evening Pedro picked me up at the hostel and took me out for a drink. We had a great time and he introduced me to lot’s of friends. I also got invited to join a Taiwanese wedding on Saturday night. Next day on Saturday Friday we went out again for dinner and drink and once again I was introduced by more friends and I also met Leona who I got to know by facebook. Later the night we went to two more places bar to drink a beer and to meet up with more people. On Saturday night I joined a Taiwanese wedding and I really enjoyed it, we got 12 dishes and lot’s of beer/wine. Here in Taiwan after this incredible dinner the party is finished, but not after everybody has been photographed with the bride and groom. Since it was only 21.00 we went for more beer and another great night. Pedro and his friends showed me around quit a lot and let me eat some incredible dishes at there most popular restaurants. Monday I was time for me to leave toward the airport since I had booked a ticket to visit Thailand and HongKong.

In Thailand I hope to do some diving and in HongKong I going to see more friends and those experiences will be available in the next update.

Temples are everywhere in Taiwan.

The 101 tower, once the highest building on earth.

Expo park in Taipei.
Kenting beach, one of the most famous beaches in Taiwan.
The Love River in Kaohsiung.
Trading port in Kaohsiung.
One of the many temples in Kaohsiung.
What more do I have to say.
Tainan from the top roof of ‘Iris Tower Hostel’.

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