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Richard is on the road for his major trip.

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Thailand and diving.

Week 05 - 09, tuesday  28 January - thursday 28 February  2013.

After a short flight from Taipei to Bangkok I arrived in the heat of Thailand. Without any significant delay I arrived at the international airport of Bangkok (BK). After collecting my baggage I took the metro to reach the city of BK, from where I shared a taxi with two other to reach my hostel ‘3 howw’ hostel in downtown. A ride what use to take five till ten minutes took now around the thirty minutes because we arrived here in the middle of the rush hour. The taxi made it to the hostel and after the check-in procedure I took a really pleasant shower to get my self clean of the sweat I had collected during my flight, metro and taxi ride. In the hostel I met Greg again, the guy I had met in Taiwan, and we decided to go for a drink at one of the many places at the famous ‘Khaosan Rd.’ I was amazing, the amount of people on the streets overwhelmed me and I was glad to be able to sit down to drink a ice cold beer. Greg told me that he would leave the next morning to Koh Tao to do some diving and after a short chat I decided to join him down south and to do some diving my self. Back at the hostel we met some more travelers and we decided to go out for a bite and a drink. So we ended up drinking two buckets of alcohol. Unfortunately we had to leave in time 24.00 because we had to wake up early in the morning to catch our bush down to Koh Tao. Our alarms were set at 05.00 so there was no much time to sleep. After a quick shower we were able to make it in time to to collection point and after a ten minutes wait we we packed in to bus. Lucky me I got myself a seat near the exit so I had some space for my long legs. The ride down to Shumphon took us about six hours and from here on we had to take a ferry for another two hours to be able to reach Koh Tao. I was tired and happy to be able to breath some fresh air during the boat ride to Koh Tao. Arriving in Koh Toa was quit a bit of a challenge because it was so busy and there were taxi drivers all around shouting that you had to take there car. Greg had made a reservation at Big Blue Divers to pick him up, well that didn’t work out without any problem, but finally we were picked up by a car of Big Blue Divers and they drove us to there diving center. Here we got our self a room (dormitory) and finally we were able to take a swim in the water with an ice cold beer!!!

Being around in Koh Tao brought me back to the time in Dahab, Egypt. The atmosphere was as nice as over there the relax layback way of living of the diving life in Dahab. While there was much more of partying going on on this island I liked it here as well. Life in general is a bit more expensive here compared with Dahab and food is quit a lot more expensive. But if you stay with the local Thai food the prices were ok and if you are not planing to drink to much it’s quit ok her. The next day I decided to take a day off ????? for doing some laundry and a bit of sunbathing. I booked myself into a dive trip tomorrow at Big Blue Divers. One of the managers tried to convince me to do the crossover to become a SSI instructor. The price was quit nice and it was very interesting and told him that I would think about it and would let him know the next day. I decided not to do the crossover but just some dives. In total I stayed for 10 days in Koh Tao and had a great time with meeting new people, drinking and playing pool. I finally got a bit of a taint again. From Koh Toa I traveled with the ferry and the bus to Krabi on the west coast of Thailand. Here I visit the ‘Tiger cave temple’ with the big Buddha at the top of 1237 steps. I got my self a day trip with wild water rafting, Elephant riding, a really nice lunch and a visit at the ‘Monkey cave temple’. The thai massages are very cheap here and I treated my self nicely with two of them. I stayed for four day’s at Krabi before I headed to Koh Phi Phi just of the coast of Krabi. Koh Phi Phi is much smaller than Koh Toa and there are no motor vehicles allowed on the island what it makes a really “clean” island. Clean in the sense of no cars and scooters riding around blaring with there horns and keeping the engine running for there air conditioning. On the internet I had made a reservation at the ‘Phi Phi Backpackers’ what turned out to be two rooms with beds and a couple of showers. At least it was clean and the owner was very friendly. A bid further I found a dive center called ‘Blue View’ where I booked a day of diving. The diving at the west coast of Thailand is so much better than the east coast, the colors are there big fishes and much less divers than in the very popular Koh Tao. As we had a huge boat in Koh Toa, we had a small Long tail boat in Koh Phi Phi. The differences are really obvious.

With a visit of three day’s I took of to BK again to spent some day’s there before I would heading to HongKong. In BK I stayed in the same ‘3howw’ hostel and met some nice people over there to hang out with. For the mornings I found a nice small places in the same street as the hostel. The owners was a Thai and he was a bit weird but the breakfast was super. For dinner I went to the local night markets, which I love because of the cheap food and the nice atmosphere.

On the first of March I took the plane to HongKong. The next update will tell you everything about my visit in this amazing city.

Arriving at Koh Toa at the east coast of Thailand.
The bay where I stayed at ‘Big Blue Divers’.
The diving boat of ‘Big Blue Divers’.
So many steps to go.

And all for this, the big Buddha.

My local bus in Krabi.
The lazy Buddha at the ‘Monkey cave temple’.
Our Long tail dive boat in at Koh Phi Phi.
The place in BK where I use to have my breakfast in the morning.

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