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Burkina Faso and Tiebele

Week 06, monday 03 February 2014 - sunday 09 February  2014

After retrieving my rear tyre I want to leave Bamako the next day, it is sunday and therefore very quiet on the road what makes it easy for me to leave the city behind. I’m very excited for being back on the road after being in Bamako for three weeks. Within forty minutes I’m far out of Bamako and after an hour I stop for my first drink along the road. I really enjoy the ride in the direction of Sikasso. I have no plans to visit anything before I reach Burkina-Faso and therefor it’s just riding the 300 kilometers to Sikasso. 20 kilometers before Sikasso I find an nice place to pitch up my tent besides the road. After the noisy big city I have a really quiet spot with an incredible sky full of starts. I go to bed early because I want to wake up early to reach the border early. As usually when I do bush-camping I wake up the next morning with the sunrise and enjoy this for ten minutes before packing up my stuff. I leave the spot but not before I drink my morning coffee. At 08.00 am I’m back on the road and get into Sikasso where I only stop to fill up my full. You never know when the next gas station shows up. The Trans-Sahelian Highway past Sikasso in the direction of Burkina Faso is as many other roads in Mali under construction by the Chinese. It also means that there a long stretches of road ready and this drives as smooth as paste. It takes me one and a half hour to reach the border-crossing and as often the officials are very curious for the motorbike. The curiosity is a good thing because, it takes the pressure of the official paperwork what makes it mostly a mater of minutes before the necessary papers are stamped. We are chatting about the bike how many gears it have and how many cc, where I have been and how many kilometers I have driven so far. The fact that I have no Laissez-Passer is not a problem at all, I tell them that the women at the border refused to give me one because of the bike is only three years old. (So far this excuse have helped me a lot) After a 10 minutes chat I can go ahead and they wish me a safe journey. Arriving at the Burkina Faso site of the border is even easier, here everything is done by one official who stamps my passport, check my papers and give me a Laissez- Passer for 5000CFA. Another ten minutes later I’m free to go and I’m in a new country.

The first thing I like to see is the waterfall of Karfiguela which is only 55 kilometers past the border on a hart piste. I take the piste and after an hour I stop for having a break. When I stay there drinking some water a tractor with a waste water tank drives by. Exactly where I stay there are some potholes and when he drives by water from the waste tank sprays over me and the motor. I start swearing at the driver because I smell like shit right now.  I use some of my drinking water to clean some surfaces of the motor and myself. It’s good that I’m heading to the waterfall, at least I can take a bath to get my self clean. I hop back on my motor bike an drive the last 15 kilometers to the Karfiguela National Park where the waterfall is located. I pay the 1000 CFA entree fee for the park and drive another kilometer before I reach the camping. I wait with pitching up the tent and instead I head towards the waterfall for a swim. The walk up the waterfall takes only 15 minutes, I’m there all by myself and take a swim to cool down. The water is cold and while I’m in there I wash some of my clothes as well. After filling my water-bag I head back to the campground and pitch up my tent. The campground is very basic but lucky me they have cold beer and I order also my dinner for later. While the rice is simple rice, together with a beer it’s still a nice meal. After a nice sleep I wake up later than usually and get myself ready to drive another 50 kilometer to Lake Tengrela. Lake Tengrela is known for the hippos who lives there. The road to get to the lake is under construction and therefor I missed the exit. After asking one of the locals I’m still able to find the lake. Here I arrive at a little restaurant and get myself a guide with a boat. We cross the lake in the boat and strait away we see hippos taking a bath in the lake. It’s not allowed to come close, since hippos are really territorial.We stay about an hour to watch the hippos and I’m able to take some pictures. Back at the restaurant I drink something and decide to head in the direction of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. About 30 kilometer before Ouagadougou I find a nice place for bush-camping again. Luckily there are many wells in Burkina Faso and so I’m able to get a  shower before I get into bed. This evening are one of the amazing ones with no street lights in kilometers I can even see the milky-way when I’m laying in my tent. Just north of the Ghanian border there is a place called Tiebele and it’s known for the old house paintings. I head over there and with another 30km of hard piste I find a camping. Her I take a shower first and arrange a guide who will show me around in the old village later the day. At 16.00 he picks me up at the camping and we go together to the village where he explain me the history of the village. He also let me in one of the houses and for me it’s a hassle to get in. The entrees are purposely kept small to avoid attackers to get in. Inside everything is small and low. A house exist of three round rooms, a bedroom, a living-room and a kitchen.

The waterfall of Karfiguela where I washed my clothes.
My camping spot in Karfiguela National Park.
During a hike around the campground.
If you look good you can see them, the hippos.
One of the bush-camping spots.
House paintings in Tiebele.
More amazing house paintings in Tiebele.

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