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Petra and Wadi-Rum, Jordan

Week 03, monday 16 January - sunday 22 January 2012.
After almost five weeks in Israel the time was there to go to Jordan. After the last couple of days at Josie’s and David’s place I continued my trip to Jordan. By approaching the border to Jordan, the customs at the Israel side had to decide if I was allowed to leave the country without a visa for Jordan. After fifteen minutes and some phone calls with their colleagues in Jordan I was allowed to leave Israel. After Paying 103 SIN as an exit fee I went to the customs to unregister  my motorbike and I. This all took only fifteen minutes and there I was heading to Jordan. At the gate a couple of men welcomed me to Jordan. One of the guys explained to me the procedure and told me to come back if I had any questions. First I had to get a visa at the customs and I get it without paying any dinar. After the customs I had to get an insurance for my motorbike which cost me 18JD for 7 days. The next step was the tourist police where I was registered as a tourist with a motorbike. The registration of my motorbike and I cost me another 20JD. As last I had to go to the Military police to let my GPS registered. They do this so tourists cannot sell their GPS during their travel. At the exit border they will check my GPS serial number with the number in
the system. All of this took me less than two hours and I entered Jordan at 11.15am. The first thing I had to do was fill up my fuel. I had waited because the fuel in Jordan is much cheaper than in Israel. I paid in Israel € 1.46 a litre and now I was in Jordan, they charged me only € 0.87 a litre. In Egypt the price will be even cheaper than in Jordan, so that is a good thing to look forward to. I went on my way to Wadi-Mousa. Wadi-Mousa is the place located next to the famous Petra. I enjoyed the trip there, but the temperature dropped down to 1.5˙C and I had to stop to get some more clothes on and to warm up. I stopped at a roadhouse on the top of a mountain and they gave me food and thee to warm up. The people were very friendly and wanted to know everything about me and my trip. After an hour I continued towards Wadi-Mousa. I arrived around 14.00pm at
the “Valentine Inn” hostel and got more tea as a welcome drink. Luckily they had the heater on and within no time I booked myself into a private room. I looked forward to sleeping alone in a room without snoring people around me haha !!! During the dinner at the hostel I had lots of nice conversations with other travellers. Here I got to know Shun Ling and we made the appointment to go the next day together to “Petra”. The next day started with cold rain and lots of clouds, but we decided to go and with my thermo clothes I went together with Shun Ling and Lulu with the hostel bus to Petra. Despite the cold rain and the many clouds we enjoyed the walk trough Petra and fortunately the weather became better after 11.00am. We spent the whole day in Petra and I was really impressed by what I saw. With lots of photos we went around 16.00pm back to the hostel. Back there I took a nice shower to get heated up. Despite that the rain stopped it was still cold and Shun Ling and I decided not to go back the next day. We had bought a two day ticket because everybody told us that you needed two days to visit everything. With the experience of a cold and wet day I would not have thought to go another day, but when I woke up
there was sun sun and more sun. With such a sunny day ahead Shun Ling and I changed our minds and we went once more to “Petra”. This time Carry joined us and so we went with the three of us by foot to the entrance. The second day in Petra was even nicer than the first day, we climbed different tracks outside the tourist tracks and we saw some nice temples and places where people used to live. After another day in Petra we returned satisfied back to the hostel. Because I had already eaten twice in the same hostel Shun Ling and I decided to eat shoarma in town. The next day we went also together to Wadi-Rum. Wadi-Rum is in the southern desert of Jordan and with an organized tour you are able to see some nice spots in the desert. Our tour included also an overnight stay in a camp in the desert. Unfortunately we had this day lots of wind and in the afternoon it even started to rain. We had to go to the camp early and that’s why we spend most of the afternoon and evening in the camp reading, playing music and having our dinner. In the morning I woke up early to see the sunrise, but because of the clouds I was not able to see anything. After breakfast we headed back to  Wadi-Rum and from there on we had to take a taxi to go back to Wadi-Mousa. Because of the snow there were no buses and therefore we had to hire a taxi. On the way to Wadi-Mousa the taxi got a flat tyre and I helped with
replacing the tyre. There was still a lot of snow on the road from the night and when I was back in the hostel I took my time to pack the bags in the hope that the snow would have melted when I headed back to Aqaba. When I finally managed heading to Aqaba, the road was almost clean and with only the temperature at +0.5˙C I went as soon as possible south. Upon arrival in Aqaba the temperature had risen the +20˙C. By now I was sweating but that was still better than the cold on the way. During my trip from Teheran to Greece, both of my thermostats for my heated gloves broke down. During my stay in Athene I received new thermostats from Gerbing Heated clothes and I was glad to have my heated gloves working again. With only one night in Aqaba I left Jordan within the date of my visa. Exiting Jordan wasn’t that smooth at all. I wanted to buy a ticket at the terminal, but when I arrived there they sent me back to Aqaba to buy a ticket in one of the ticket offices there. Fortunately I was still in time to enter the early ferry of 13.00. When I arrived for the second time at the terminal they told me that the ferry of 13.00 would not leave and the next ferry would leave at 18.00. It was allowed to go back into Aqaba to spend the day, but I decided to stay at the terminal and to read something. During this time I met a cyclist from Italia and two girls I met before in Wadi-Mousa. With the four of us we did the crossing into Egypt, but not before there was even more delay. In
the end we left Jordan at 19.45 and in my next update I will tell you about Egypt.

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