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HongKong, the city of skyscrapers.

Week 10 - 11, friday 01 March - wednesday 06 March  2013.

Leaving Bangkok to visit HongKong was a bit of a hassle because the flight had a delay for almost 2,5 hour. The airport of Bangkok is big enough to spend some hours and to eat some nice food.

After a smooth flight without any further delay I arrived in HongKong around 19.30 and with the directions Joanne had given me I was quit easy to find the bus and get my self into town. Riding from the airport towards the city I past the port of HongKong and this was amazing. I’m used to port of Rotterdam but the port of HongKong is also overwhelming because of his size. After a ride of about 40 minutes I arrived at Jorden Street in the middle of the city near Joanne’s place. Since I had not a HongKong number yet a ask someone to call Joanne to tell here that I’m arrived. Within ten minutes she arrived and it was nice and to see her again after almost 2,5 years. We brought my staff to her place and went to the restaurant were she had dinner with here friends. This was the first of many nice dinners I had in HongKong. One of her friends was Renzo and I would stay at his place during my visit in HongKong, Renzo is one of the many friends of Joanne who are original from Taiwan but who live and work in HongKong. To finish the night we went to a the Eye-bar with an amazing view over the city of HongKong by night. On Saturday we went for brunch with other friends and this was once again a nice meal that I thought I would have to eat for the rest of the day anymore. After the brunch we went outside the city were lots of people come together to do hiking together. A guy from Taiwan organize every Saturday hikes around town and this time me would make a hike at Big Wave Bay. During this hike Joanne and I had lots to talk about how life is in HongKong and about my experiences during my world trip. The wether was a bit hazy but later the hike the weather became better and we had an amazing view over the Big Wave bay. After the hike we went out for dinner and I eat here one of the best lamb I have ever eaten. When we finished the dinner we went to another famous bar “the Armani bar” with once again a great view of HongKong at night. On sunday Joanne and I went to Lamma Island by ferry and had a nice hike around the island. At the end we had a fresh fish dinner at one of the restaurants over there. It was amazing and with satisfied feeling we took the ferry back to the city and from there on we went to ‘The peak’. ‘The Peak’ is a famous spot in HongKong with a beautiful view over HongKong with all his skyscrapers. We spent here about 1,5 hour and took many pictures while it was very crowed we were able to take some nice pic’s. After taking the bus down to the city again we walk around and ended up at a nice bar called ‘wooloowooloo’ for a drink. We didn’t make it to late because Joanne had to work again the next day. The next day I went to the Big Buddha by using the cable car and late on to Mai O. The Big Buddha in HongKong is the tallest, outdoor, seated bronze Buddha, which sits serenely at the top of the 520 meter high Ngong Ping Plateau.  ‘Mai O’ is an old fishermen town where the still practice the old way of fishing. After a long day on my own I was quit tired, but there was sill a BBQ dinner with Joanne waiting for me. We went to a small restaurant with an amazing atmosphere and really great food. My last full day in HongKong was more a relax day I went to the Aqua Rome hotel for a coffee and a beautiful view over the northern part of HongKong. I also had a coffee at the Mc Cafe at the pier and I liked them booth. I walked the avenue of the stars and enjoyed the beautiful weather by ready my kindle near the waterfront. For my last night in HongKong, Joanne had organized a hotpot dinner with friends and I had invited Sally, who I had met in Taiwan before. The hotpot was my last amazing dinner in HongKong with lot’s of nice people.

For everyone who likes to visit an big city with mostly skyscrapers, lot’s of good restaurant and even more nice bars I would suggest to go to HongKong.

In the next update you can read that after KongKong I flew to Taiwan again and then further to Vietnam where I hope to buy a motorbike to drive around in the north of Vietnam.

The first cocktail in HK with Joanne in the eye-bar.
Hiking at Big wave bay.
In the metro with Joanne.
Fresh fish restaurants all over Lamma island.
HK at night from The Peak.
View from the cable-car on the way to the big buddha.

The biggest bronze Buddha in the air.


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