Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........

Egypt, Dahab and Nuweiba.

Week 04 - 07, monday 23 January - sunday 19 February 2012.
Entering Egypt wasn’t that bad at all, despite that it was late when I arrived. Because of my plan to travel all the way south to Aswan I had to apply for a visa in the port of Nuweiba. Upon arriving I first had to go to the bank to change some dollars into Egyptian pounds and to buy a one month visa for $15. With the visa in my passport I headed to the customs office to get the entry stamp in my passport. Now this was done I had to go to the inspection area. Fortunately there  was a good English speaking customs employer who helped me  go through the
whole process. I had to pay 30LE for copies of all different kinds of papers, 60LE for an one month insurance for my bike, 70LE for the Egyptian plates for my motorbike and finally 520LE for the one month permission to ride my motorbike in Egypt. By the time I was finished with all the paperwork and able to leave the port it was already 23.15pm. I didn’t like to ride all the way to Dahab to stay the night in Bishbishi. I searched in my GPS for the nearest place to stay and it turned out to be a camp within ten kilometers from where I was. At 23.30pm I arrived at the “Habiba village” and got a room for the night. In the morning I spoke with the owner of the camp and he took me to his organic farm close by. At the time that I was back at “Habiba village” it was 11.00am and after I packed my stuff on
my motorbike I took off towards Dahab. It was a drive of only 75 kilometers and with two checkpoints on the way. Without problems I reached Dahab and found Bishbishi village garden without problems. Earlier in the week I had email and sms contact with Kate to meet each other here again. It was nice to meet up with her again and we went for a walk in town. We also sorted out the prices of diving and the prices for doing the “Advanced Open Water” course here in Dahab. We ended up at Aqua divers who made us a really nice offer for: a “check dive”, “Advanced Open Water”, “First Emergency Response” and for “Rescue Diver”. We decided to start the next day with the “check dive” and follow this up with a “fun dive”. The next two days I did my “Advanced Open Water” and the third day the “EFR” and the next three days the “Rescue Diver”. Kate and I did the last two courses together and we had lots of fun.
After finishing  the courses we took another couple of fun dives. Most of the evenings we went into town to eat something, drink a beer and smoke sisha. After two weeks in Dahab I went back to Nuweiba to spend some time in the camp and on the farm. During my stay at the farm I helped with all the daily proceedings, like weeding, watering and pruning. We started every day around 07.00 so the temperature didn’t became to hot to work in. At the camp I met Ruth again who I had met before in Wadi-Rum in Jordan. After four days Kate also arrived at the “Habiba village”. I worked most of the days at the camp where I was trying to get the volunteers room ready. Unfortunately I’m in Egypt and not everything goes that smoothly. After almost two days the room looks great and tidy
and the only three things to be done was the plumber had to connect the water in the bathroom and make a tap in the kitchenette. The concreter had to plaster two pieces of the bathroom walls and the electrician had to mount some lights. With those instructions left behind I thought it would be safe to take a day off to arrange a visa extension in Al-Tur. After I managed to get a six months extension, I went to Dahab where Ruth did her “Open Water” and “Advanced Open Water” since she had left the camp two days before. I caught up with her at “Bishbishi garden village “and we went for a nice lunch together at “King Chicken”. Later that day we smoked sisha and ate our dinner at “YallaYalla” with a really nice sunset we enjoyed our Friend onion rings and the Greek salad. It was that nice and we  had such nice chats that we  left Dahab only at 23.30pm.
Within fifty minutes I was back at “Habiba village”. The next day when I took a look in the volunteers room, I almost got a heart attack. The simple instructions seemed to be not that simple for the concreter. He had managed to get concrete on almost every single wall and window frame in the room. There where I left the room nice and tidy, he had made a huge mess of it. Nothing was clean, concrete was everywhere. The plumber had made a nice kitchenette and the concreter had left a lot of concrete in the sink and also in the sink in the bathroom. All our effort we had put in the room was gone because of this stupid guy. I was so disappointed that I decided not to do anything in the room anymore till everybody had finished their work. Instead of working in the room I cleaned J.Lo and after
one and a half hours she was bright and shiny again. The next day I worked with Louis on another project at the village. We changed a little wooden cabin into a reasonable living place for the new cleaning lady. With some carpets and a chair and table it looked almost real. Later in the week there where two more volunteers and they helped me together with Louis to clean the volunteers room and after two days the room was ready to use. Despite that there was no warm water for the shower yet and not all the bulbs were working it was acceptable to sleep in. After two and a half weeks of work we had managed to offer four volunteers a decent place to sleep instead of sleeping in the library which they had to share with some rats. The next couple days I learned the some local guys how to use some hand tools as efficiently as possible. It was really fun, because every next day they called me and showed me how well they did. During my entire stay I helped lots of times with loading bottles of water into trucks and cars. Habiba village is the distributor of water in the northern part of the Egyptian Sinaï. All by all I had an incredible time at “Habiba village” and like to say “Thanks for all the great people who made my stay there very pleasant in enjoyable.

In my next update you can read my experiences of doing my Dive Master Training (DMT) in Dahab.


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