Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........



Week 13, monday 24 March - tuesday 01 April 2014

Before I reach the border I have to drive first another 115 kilometer in Cameroon. This morning I woke up again with some stomach problems and slowly I get enough of all this. Since Ghana I have nothing else than problems with my stomach, what makes me weak and gets the fun out of the riding. Riding on the bike when you have the feeling that you need a toilet all the time isn’t fun at all.

I reach the border with Gabon in 1,5 hour and I’m getting through the hole process in no time and here I’m in country number 43 on the motorbike. By now on the way for almost three years I’m finally heading in the direction I always wanted to go, South-Africa. After Gabon I have only five more countries to go before I reach the most southern point of South-Africa.

Since I stayed for four nights in Ebolowa I have 10 days left to spend in Gabon. I plan not to drive to much a day to stretch out the days. I plan to stay the first night in Oyem, but can’t find a nice looking hotel and I continue my way. The sky darkens and it looks like it is going to rain again. When I see an auberg at the side of the road I decide to stop for a drink. There are some kids around and when it start to rain the are singing and dancing for me. I have a great time and ask the owner if I can stay for the night. With a bit negotiation I get a room with dinner for 8.000CFA what is not to bad. The dinner is nice and tasty and after the last couple days not feeling 100% I enjoy the food even more. I go to bed early and sleep the entire night till the next morning 07.00. After breakfast I’m hitting the road again and plan to ride another 200 kilometer this day. After a couple of hours I cross the equator and stop to make some pics. It have taken me almost three years to reach the equator and it is a little ceremony for me. I continue my ride and unfortunately I can’t find a place to stay and this force me to ride to the next big city. In the meantime where ever I stop I try to get more information about the road into Congo. Nobody seems to know how this is and the further I get the more I get the feeling that I should try to get my motorbike shipped from Libreville to Luanda. After a long day I finally find a place where I can stay and decide that the next day I want to go to Libreville to get info about the shipping possibilities. The next day I heading to Libreville and arrive while it is really warm. I find a place to stay but it turn out to be very expensive so I continue strait away to look for shipping companies. I find three of them but neither one ship out of Gabon to the south. They all go North but thats not the plan. Again I try to get more info about the road but the opinions are very diverse. After about three hours riding and asking around in the city without any success, I decide to go back to the same place as last night and that I just have to ride the road and see what happens.  Back at the hotel I get the same room and take a nap, when I wake up I go out for a drink and meet a guy who is originally from Congo. We start chatting about my trip and when I ask him about the road ahead he tells me that the road is not to bad. A big part is asphalt and the rest is hard piste. The way he tells it sounds convincing and I feel more ensured that I will head down and see. The next morning I wake up early and take of around 08.30. The temperature is still acceptable and I pass the equator on the way south again but than at a different spot. I arrive in Lambarene in the early afternoon and the first thing I do is top of my tank. Than I start looking for a place to stay and find first a little motel but it didn’t look appealing to me so I continued my search. I find another place but this hotel turns out to be closed. And than I see a hotel which turn out to be a place for parties but one of the guy’s shows me where I can find another place and here I get myself a room. The hotel is located just outside the town so it’s really quiet and secure for the motorbike. In the early evening I go into town to find a place for internet. After a bit of a search I find one and use the internet for about an hour. After that I find on the way back to the hotel a nice place to eat something. A place where all the locals come to have food. When I’m eating some people are coming who try to speak English and I hang out there for quit some time. Since I have another couple days left in Gabon I decide to head back tomorrow for internet and for something to eat. Hopefully I can catch up with Fabian and Jasmine or Marc and Dorothy for riding all the way south. The next day I got answer from Fabian and Jasmine that they where still in Abudja, they had met some other Germans over there and they stayed longer. From Mark and Dorothy there was no answer yet and therefor I decide to go further south by my self. The next day I have only a a 200 km trip ahead and take it slow. There is one more place I would like to stay before I go to the Republic of Congo. Mouila is a small place near yet another river. I find myself a hotel well more like a transformed garage. A Swiss couple had bought the old garage and transformed it into an low cost hotel. The good thing is that there is running water what is hard to find in western Africa. After I settle down I head into the little town and find a place to drink a beer. The good thing of being in a small town during a sunday is that all the locals are coming together for a drink. So I meet lots of locals and some of them start a chat with me. I’m surprised that there is always someone to find who speaks English, in this case it’s the owner of the little bar. He is originally from Nigeria and since he wasn’t able to find work in Nigeria he had moved to Gabon. Later the day I got my self a shave at a barber, but they didn’t use a sharp knife so I got cut up al over. Bastards!!!!! I’m heading back to the hotel and after a shower and a nap I go back to the little bar and have yet another chat with someone. I end up drinking three beers and I need desperately something to eat. I find a little restaurant what serve spaghetti whit meat or eggs and so that is my dinner for the day.I feel that I have enough drinks for the day and go back to the hotel. Here I have some conversation with the owner and around 23.00 I find it time to go to sleep. It’s probably the beers I drunk because I fall asleep almost street away. The next morning I week up early since I have a bad road ahead to reach the border crossing with the Republic of Congo. The first part of the road is still ok, it’s gravel but hard piste so no problem at all. Only the last 35 km from Ndende on the road become more like a track than anything else. Luckily I made it without any problem and around 09.00 in the morning I reach the border post. The officials are very friendly and are surprised to hear that I came all the way from Holland on the motorbike. They just stamp my passport and they wish me a safe journey to South Africa.

The road from the border to Dolisie is a stretch of 285 km of bad road and known as another challenge for the motor-bikers on there way south. My struggles to cover this stretch will be in the next update.

My first auberg in Gabon just before heavy rainfall.
The Equator in Gabon heading south.
A little ceremony for reaching the equator.
One of the many bridges on the way south.
Spaghetti is a well know dish in Gabon.
Rain can appear from one second to the other.
One last village to go before Republic of Congo.

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