Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........

Egypt, Dahab and diving.

Week 08 - 26, monday 20 February - sunday 24 June 2012.
Its been already quit a while since I have posted my last update. After I stay two and a half weeks in Nuweiba I went back to Dahab to start my Dive-master Training (DMT). Once back in Dahab I took a room at the same place where I stayed with Kate, Bishbishi. I did some research at the different dive-centers to get the best deal and ended up at Aqua-Divers. We made the deal that all the dives were for free as long as I did the training. My instructor became Lisa, a girl from Australia who live with here boyfriend in Dahab. The next couple of weeks We did lots of dives together and I assisted here in “Open Water”, “Advanced Open Water” and “Rescue Diver” courses.
During this time I met lots of nice people and I went a couple days a week to a bar to drink some beers and smoke shishas.

In the first week of april I had two friends who visited me. Carrie and here friend Lee. I had met Carrie during my stay in Jordan at the “Valentine Inn”. During this week Carrie did the Advanced Open Water dive course and Lee did some snorkeling. During this week we went with two other friends to the “Catharine Monastery”. The monastery was nice but we where only allowed to go in a small part. Compared with the “Rila Monastery” in Bulgaria, this monastery isn’t that beautiful, but yeah I saw at least some tourist stuff in Sinai.

On 28 may I went to Cairo to meet up with my very good friend Sheila who I had met earlier my trip in Turkey. All the time we had stayed in contact and now we where going to do some tourist stuff together in Egypt. We visit the Pyramids in “Giza”, “Saqqara” and “Dahshur”. The next evening we took the night train and after a train ride of 14 hours we arrived the next morning in Aswan. When we exited the train the heat was hanging over the place. We we sweating as soon as we where outside. A guide brought us to a hotel where we were able to take a nice shower. Within a hour we where expected to be back at the reception from where we would visit the “Aswan
High dam” which generate enough power for the city of Aswan. Later the day we went to “Philae” (Agilkia Island) where they placed all the temples which would have been disappeared in the water of the dam if the would be still on there original places. Once back at the hotel we went out to find a beer but that wasn’t that easy in Aswan. The next morning we had to wake up early for our bus to “Abu-Simbel”. The bus left 4 in the morning, with a breakfast kit and far to less sleep we headed to “Abu-Simbel”. The trip took 4 hours and so we arrived at 8 in the morning. We had two hours to visit the place and we had to be back at the bus around 10 to be back at the hotel in Aswan at 2 in the afternoon. It was a really nice visit but also very tired, because of the heat. Once back in Aswan we picked up our bags and we were brought to a Fluka, this is a traditional Egyptian sailing boat which where used for fishing and transport. We sailed only for two hours and that was a bit short, but we had now some time to take some photo’s and relax in the shade. During sunset the captain made us a simpel diner on his little cooker. We slept this night on the fluka with a million mosquitoes around us so you couldn’t talk about sleeping after all. The next morning a minbus took us to Luxor, during the ride the minibis stopped so we could
visit the temple of “Kom Ombo”. The next morning the guide showed us two more temples “Medinat Habu” and “Amun Temple” in the early evening we took the train back to Cairo. Another night off less sleep. Back in the “Dahab Hostel” in Cairo we went for a nap in a decent bed. Later the day we visit the Egyptian Museum and we bought some local souvenirs for Sheila to take back to Malaysia. Our last day in Cairo we spent we walking around and drinking some sugarcane, coffee and smoke another Shisha.

Back in Dahab I finished my Dive-master Training with another dive instructor, because Lisa had left the dive center. After another three weeks I finished my training together with Delamon from the US. We had lots of fun and with 98 dives I managed to get my Dive master certificate. The next three days we drunk a lot of beer and spend the nights in different pubs in Dahab. Delamon had to head back to the US and me ???? During my role as tourist I experienced a heat of 45˙celsius in Aswan and couldn’t imagine my self in my motor suit riding my motorbike trough Sudan in this heat. So I decided to stay in Dahab till after the summer. I told my self that there is at least the sea to cool me down if it becomes to hot in the summer months. During the next week I thought of
working as a dive master or maybe continue my dive career and try to become a dive instructor. After visiting a couple different dive centers, Poseidon divers offered me a really nice deal. I took a couple days to think about that and in the meanwhile I did some guided dives.On the second of June I started my IDC at Poseidon divers. Together with three girls, Wendy, Alex and Abby, we had a amazing IDC with Matt, Dom and Cristian as our teachers. It were two tough weeks and during those weeks we had lots of homework to do but in the end it gaves us the fantastic result of a 100% scorings rate. The four of us passed the examen with incredible results and Poseidon divers had four
more instructeurs around.

As told earlier I hope to stay in Dahab for another couple of months and to continue my trip after the summer. Till that time I hope to earn some money with teaching and guiding dives so I can extend my trip longer. The good thing of being a dive-instructor is that there is even more possibility of working during my trip. Now I’m able to use my carpenter skills and my instructor skills to earn more money and to donate more to my UNICEF project.


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