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Richard is on the road for his major trip.

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From Tunisia to Morocco.

Week 44 - 45, monday 27 October - sunday 10 November  2013.

After my adventure in Tunisia and the big sandy Sahara, I tried to enter Algeria. Both at the border and at the Algerian consulate in Le Kef, I was told that I could only apply for an Algerian visa in my home country. After retrieving this news I had to head back to Europe again. I decided to take the ferry from Tunis to Genova in Italy. During my adventure in Tunisia I noticed that I was missing my friends and family back in the Netherlands and was discussing with myself what I wanted to do next. Heading back to the Netherlands for a couple of months, or heading south to Morocco and maybe further south to Dakar to enjoy the winter-sun over there. During the ferry ride I met a group of Dutch people which I had met before in Tunisia and I discussed with them what I should do. One of them had been in Morocco before and all the way to Dakar and he did his very best to convince me to go to Morocco. Only after a night of sleep and with Italy in view I decided that I would go to Morocco to see from there on what to do next.

Finally I arrived in Italy and I said goodbye to Olaf and Jan-Evert, who offered me a bed in their cabin, and I headed down the coast. From Genova down to Gibraltar would be an adventure by itself. I drove mostly around 400km a day with one break in Barcelona where I stayed two nights. Here I got myself a relaxing day in the local spa and sauna on a very wet and windy day. When I had posted a message on Facebook, that I was heading down I got an invitation from Cristian, one of the instructors during my instructor course for Padi in Egypt, to catch up with him. He used to live in San Pedro in the far south of Spain and after all those kilometers it would be nice to see someone familiar again. At the chat we had agreed that I would contact him as soon as I knew when I would be in San Pedro. On a Friday morning I arrived in San Pedro and Cristian picked me up at the McDonald's. He introduced me to his parents and they invited me to stay at their place for as long as I wanted. I accepted the invitation and in the evening we went out for dinner and some drinks. Cristian introduced me to some of his friends, Domingo, Susanne 2x and Patricia. This first night I had a really good night and we went home around 05.30. The next day I wanted to get a new front tire, but all the shops in town were closed because of Halloween. Halloween is quite popular in San Pedro and so I had to stay for at least till Monday when the shops would be open again. It was not bad at all to be a couple days in San Pedro, I went to the beach and for a ride with the motorbike to Ronda and Cristian took me out for more food and drinks with his friends.

The first thing I did on Monday was to find a shop for a new tire. After I had been to the BMW dealer first, I found another shop in town who offered me the same front tire but only €50 cheaper. They had to order the tire in from Malaga and the next morning at 11.00 they fitted the new front tire on my motorbike. With one more night in San Pedro, Christian invited some of his friends over to his place where we all watched football on the TV. We drunk and smoked a lot and I went to bed around 06.00. My departure the next day wasn’t earlier than 15.00 and during the ride I decided to stay one more night on a campground just 12 km from Gibraltar. On this campground I met another Dutch motor-biker, Jos, an older man who was already retired and had discovered traveling on the motorbike. It was a pleasure to chat with him and later in the night we were having a chat with a Scottish tour leader. She would be guiding a group of 24 people all the way south to South-Africa for the next 40 weeks. We got lots of tips of where we could get visas for the countries down south. With some wine we called it a night and went to bed.

The next morning I left early because I wanted to visit Gibraltar first before I would head to Morocco. After arriving in Algeciras from where the ferry would leave for Tanger-med in Morocco, I bought a ticket at one of the many ticket shops in front of the terminal. With one hour left I went to the check-in here I had to wait only 10 minutes before the check-in started. The procedure was quite easy, the first locket gave me the boarding passes and the second locket checked only my passport. Unfortunately the ferry arrived one hour late and the unloading and loading of the ferry caused another hour delay. Instead of 14.00 the ferry left at 16.00.

In my next update I hope to tell you all about the ferry ride from Spain to Morocco and my experiences in another Arabic country with its own culture, food and habits at the Mediterranean Sea.

Along the French-Spanish coast.

Christian after drinking and during Halloween.

Me during Halloween in San Pedro.
The girls who made my day (night).
Spanish speciality.
Be aware of spanish motor-riders.
Gibraltar, The Rock.

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