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Angola and the real coffee again

Week 16 , friday 18 April - wednesday 23 April 2014

Despite they speak Portuguese which I don’t speak or understand I do look forward to enter. The country would be more organized and more structured than all the West-Africa countries I’ve been so far.

As soon as I enter Angola I also hit perfect asphalt. The contrast is amazing, from bad to good, from un-civilization to civilization, from nescafe to real coffee and from power cuts to continues electricity. When the paperwork is done I enjoy the smooth ride to M’banza-Congo where I stop at a gas station where I see a real espresso machine and after 3 months of drinking nescafe I really enjoy the taste of fresh espresso. I’m amazed as I realize that there are  many people who speak English and with this I hope that my unknown knowledge will be not a problem at all. People tell me that the road is perfect all the way to Luanda and after all those nice experiences I continue my road again further to the cost. When looking at the map I see that there is a place called N’zeto near the coast. After so many kilometers of bad road I enjoy the smooth surface of the Chinese made roads in Angola. When I reach N’zeto I can’t find a hotel and decide to continue into the direction of Luanda. After about a hour the sky darkens and realize that I have to find a shelter somehow if I don’t want to be soaked in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately there is no hotel or what so ever to see and when the rain starts I stop at the side of the road and cover myself with plastic to stay dry. I keep on raining and while I tray to stay dry I prepare myself for an uncomfortable night at the side of the road. After about three hours the rain stops and I consider to continue to Luanda to find a place to stay for the night. I have to drive to complete darkness and soon I hit roadworks. Because of the rain there is a lot of mud around and soon I don’t like it anymore riding dirt in the dark. I also feel my stomach again and soon I have to stop. It’s already dry for a while when I find a place at the side of the road to stop. I rest here some by laying down on the asphalt. It’s good that there is not much traffic on the road so I can lay a bit and soon I even slept a bit till a buss drives by and wake me up. When the horizon become lighter a police car stop by to ask what I doing and how I feel. I tell them that I have stomach problems but will head on as soon as possible. They wish me luck and when the sun rises I get back on the bike and continue. Somehow I don’t feel too tiered and when I see another gas station I stop to drink a coffee which wakes me all the way up. After toping of the tank I head on and soon it becomes busier as I approach the capital, Luanda. When the traffic coms to a stop I decide not to  enter the capital but to take the expressway around Luanda. When Luanda disappears behind me I reach the coast line and I can smell the fresh smell of the sea. Once again I stop at a gas station for a drink. The reason to stop at gas stations is that there are not many people at gas stations who want to talk to me and being annoying. When I stop at a little shop I’m strait away surrounded by many people who likes to chat. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for that and when I don’t speak there language It’s a very limited and boring conversation. When I continue my trip along the coast complete I pass by an sign for something touristic. That is the first time in ages that there is a tourist attraction signposted along the road. It’s a viewpoint and when I follow the sign I got an awesome view at the sea. I’m heading further south and after a day of riding along the Angola coastline I arrive in Sumbe, where I pay far a hotel room. It is the most expensive place so far during my three year trip 60 US$. With it comes a breakfast the next morning and after I have filled myself up I hit the road again and plan to go to to Lobito. The road brings me all along the coast and partly inland. As usually I stop from time to time at a gas station to drink a coffee. At one of the gas stations I meet Lilio the chairman of the Luanda motorbike club and we chat for a while. At the end he give me some advice and also a name of a place to go in Lobito who offers free camping for overlanders. After another ride down to Lobito I find the place called ALFA. Here I met Hugo, one of the owners of this restaurant/bar. He invites me for some drinks and food and I’m not allowed to pay for it. After the food he shows me the place of his Uncle just one kilometer away where I can stay for free at the beach. When I arrive at restaurant Zulu I met up with Hugo’s uncle and he shows me the place where to put up the tent. It’s great finally to be able to camp on the beach and I enjoy it a lot. I order a drink at the bar and have some nice chat with other quests. I’m the only over-lander at the moment but there are many other quests to hang out with.

The next morning I go into town to find a supermarket to buy some grocery and after that I meet up with Hugo again. In the meantime he have invited some friends to have a drink as well so I can meet more Angola motor bikers. I stay three nights in Lobito and have the next day my front tire changed at a garage of on of Hugo friends. From Lobito it’s a long ride to Lubango where I hope to stay another night before I try to enter Namibia. When I arrive in Lubango in the south of Angola I want to see one more attraction before I start the hunt for a place to stay. When I arrive at the huge Christ statue there is a a funny minibus parked but spent not much attention to it. So I park my bike and there are some kind coming around who are interested in my motor bike. In the meantime I walk around and take some photo’s . When I’m back at the bike there are about 25 kids around my motorbike and some adults as well. We start a chat and it turns out that the kids are from Namibia and on a guided tour in the south of Angola. I meet William and Namupa and have to answer many questions of the kids as where I’m from How long I’m on the road and where I’m heading. After 15 minutes William ask me if I have already a place to stay for the night and when I answer no the offer me a place in there rented place in the city of Lubango. They also invite me to join them for dinner and so I got another night with local people in Angola.  When we arrive at there rented house they show me the room and the kids are continue asking me questions about my adventure. The next morning we wake up early because William, Namupa and the kids want to be early at the border. I wake up with them I I have a early start what turns out to be perfect. I visit ‘da tunda vala’ and i’m the only visitor that early in the morning, ‘da tunda vala’ is an enormous canyon and with a 400m drop it’s worth to visit. About 20km from Lubango there is the famous Leba Pass which I like to visit as well and even drive the most famous part. It’s amazing but the surface isn’t that great because it’s the main route from Nabia to Lubango and therefor used by many big trucks who are ruining the road. I also go to the viewpoint and make some incredible photo’s and after all this I’m heading towards the border crossing Santa Clara.

As soon as I entered Angola there was perfect tar.
With beautiful views.
At the end of the day lovely sunset, but lots of rain.
The first attraction signposted in ages.
Hugo and his friends in Lobito.

The Christ statue in Lubango.

The Namibian kids with William and Namupa.
Da tunda vala.
The famous Leba Pass.

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