Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........


Namibia, great gravel roads.

Week 17 , wednesday 23 April - saturday 10 May 2014

I leave Angola around 17.30 in the afternoon and are still able to get into Namibia. Before the paperwork for the passport is done it’s 17.45 and the guys from the customs are a bit annoyed that I don’t have a Carnet de Passage. I tell them that I didn’t need it all the way and that I would like to have a TIP (Temporary Import Permit). After some discussion I got one because the border would be close at 18.00 and the guys wanted to go home. So they gave me a TIP and I was able to get in. Here in the north of Namibia it becomes early dark and I still have to drive to the first place to find a place to stay for the night. The nearest place is Ondangwa and only 50 km away from the border. All the way down there I drive behind a truck which I use as Light bacon and as protection against animals who like to run onto the road after sunset. I find a nice and reasonable priced place to stay for the night with breakfast included and with internet connection. I call my sister once more and tell here that I finally made it into Namibia. After this night I plan to head further south and I’m in the mindset to head down to South Africa as soon as possible and I want to do that on tar roads. I’m done with all the gravel and bad roads and like to have decent asphalt for a change. On the way down I meet a German guy who is riding a Harley Davidson around the South African countries for the 6 weeks. We drive together to Grootfontein where we book a hotel and head out for something to eat. We drink some beer and the next day I head for Swakupmond but want to do that of the main road. Swakupmond is located at the sea and I have a incredible ride with great view and some awesome roads. I’m not able to ride it in one day and I pitch up my tent at a campground in Omaruru. I’m the only one camping and since it looks like it’s going to rain I’m allowed to pitch up the tent under the shelter so I stay dry. I chat the entire evening with other quests who stay in rooms and have a great night al together. In the middle of the night I wake up of thunder and rain and I’m very happy that all my stuff stay dry. I fall asleep again and wake up around 07.00 when the sun rise. I got invited by a older Dutch guy who live at the campground to have breakfast and so I don’t have to make myself. When I hit the road the sun is shinning in all it’s power and I enjoy once more of the ride down to the coast. I arrive in Swakupmond around 15.00 and wind a beautiful camping ride on the beach with all the facilities I can possible think about. Hot showers, wifi, restaurant, bar and much more. The hike into town is only 5 minutes and love the street of Swakupmond. The town is build by German standards with very wide streets and there all kind of shop for whatever you need. I enjoy the fresh wind and nice views on the beach and stay all together three night here before I head towards Windhoek, When I post my stay in Namibia on facebook and that I will head of towards Windhoek soon I got an email from two German motorbikers I had met in Mali before, that they are also in Windhoek. We agree to meet up at Urban camping in Windhoek and have a great time during our stay there with the six of us.. There are also other travelers with an Iveco car on the camping who I also have met before in Mali. Windhoek is also the first place where there is a real BMW Motorrad dealer and I decide to have my motorbike serviced. The last real service is done almost 40.000km ago in Greece and beside the change of Oil it becomes time to have a good look at the motorbike. I go to the dealer and make an appointment for the next week since there is only one mechanic around. At the reception at the camping works a nice local girl and have some drinks with here. Since I have some time we agree to visit Daan National park near Windhoek where we are going to do some hiking. We have a great day and lot’s of fun since we repeatedly lost track of the trail. We are ending up hiking through the park without a trail and climbing an old waterfall so we have a shortcut straight back to where our car is parked. I also contact William and Namupa to see if the are in town and got invited for a braai the next evening. We have again a great time and after the braai they show me around in downtown Windhoek. We eat a lot of meat and also a great dessert. I’m completely full and at the end of the evening they do some prayers again. And once again I’m in there prayers and that is a nice feeling.

On wednesday I bring my motorbike to the dealer and while i’m waiting there I see my Motorbike being taken apart. There are the usual changes as engine oil, gearbox oil and I also ask to change the cardan oil. It is not necessary but spoiling J.Lo a bit is never bad. After 4 hours of work the give here a nice clean bath and she id good for another 10.000km. Back at the campground I start packing to be able to leave the next morning. My plan is to visit the Fish River Canon, the second biggest canyon in the World. I got some nice advise which road to take and there I go. The first 80 km are still on tar but from there I start taking gravel roads again. The gravel roads in Namibia are extremely well maintained and I love riding the bike there. I drive many km’s that day and have to stop sometimes to take nice photo’s and at the end of the day when the sun starting to set I arrive at Helmeringhausen. This is a ranch with hotel, campground, gas station and all the necessary stuff to survive in the middle of nowhere. I’m to tired to cook so I order a nice meal at the restaurant, boerenworst with salad. The night sky is really impressive since there are not many lights around and there are no clouds at all. I see an incredible sky in which the milky-way is clearly visible. The next morning I spoil myself with the well know apple pie and a coffee. Well the apple pie my mother makes is still the best !!!!! After refilling the tank I head further south and have yet another great day of gravel riding towards the Fish River Canyon. I decide to camp the night at the fish river canyon. When I arrive there a women come straight away towards me and ask where I’m from, we have short chat after which she have to go again. I buy my self a nice beer in the shop and head to bed early. When I wake up the next morning I have a breakfast at the onsite restaurant and when I finally start packing up my tent the same women from yesterday come to me for another chat. She introduce herself as Lisa and gives me her phone number for when I come to Cape Town. I have to promise to call here when I’m there and so done she leave. Before I heading towards the border with South-Africa I go and visit the canyon it self. There is a nice viewpoint only 60 km away and when I arrive I take some really nice pics. After about 30 minutes I finally head down to the border with South-Africa. The last 100km’s are on tar and find it actually boring after I have done so many gravel km’s. I arrive at Noordoever the border town and decide to camp one more night in Namibia. There is a campground located nearby the border town and meet here some motor-bikers from Cape-Town. We eat together a simple meal but I got lots of tips what to do and which roads to ride in South-Africa. The next morning before I hit the border I top of my tank and change my Namibian money into African Rand. The fuel is a bit cheeper here and the exchange rate is one to one with the African Rand.

At the border I face an interesting situation, but all about that I will tell you in my next update.

No more gravel, only perfect tar roads.
The lovely campground in Swakopmund.
One of the lovely buildings in Swakopmund.
Meeting up with the Bemmels from Germany,
and with Turi and Stina from Swiss.

Preparing meat with William on the braai.

J.Lo in the need of a decent 80.000km service.
Hiking with Teeyee in ‘Daan Viljoen NP’.
The Fishriver Canyon.
Perfect gravel roads al over Namibia.

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