Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........


South-Africa and reaching my goal.

Week 19 , saturday 10 May - tuesday 27 May 2014

I arrive in the early morning at the border post Noordoever and I’m excited to enter South-Africa. When I hand over my passport to the immigration officers it turns out that I have overstayed my Namibian visa with two days. Before I had heard stories about overstaying in Namibia and they where not fun at all. So I almost got a heart attack and had to decide in a split second to play dumb or not. Since I hadn’t checked the stamp when I entered Namibia I decide to play dumb since I had asked for a month visa. My luck is that the officers are female and so I use my charm to get myself not arrested and trow in Jail. After an chat and some warnings to check it better the next time I’m allowed to Exit Namibia.

Entering South africa is really easy and it take more time to have chats with the border officials than it takes time for the stamps. Again I got some marriage proposal of one of the female border officials. I tell here that I love black girls but that I first have to finish my trip before getting married. We have lots of fun and after I while I have to go otherwise I will spend all day at the border.

The first place where I want to stay is in Sprinkbok only 2 hours ride from the border. I arrive at the caravan park just in time to be able to buy some groceries before they close for the weekend. When I pitch up my tent I got the first beer offered and later I make my self a simple dinner with some veggies and meat and start planning the trip for tomorrow. During the planning the owner of the caravanpark comes to me and ask if I know something about the electronics of motorbikes. He shows me his motorbike and that he want to fit some extra lights on the bike. I help him out for about half an hour and there it is, extra light on his bike. He is very happy and offers me another drink.

When the sun sets the temperature drops and it becomes so cold that I decide to go to bed early since my sleeping bag keeps me warmer than the clothes I wear. I sleep really well and when I wake up the next morning. Making a cup of coffee is the first thing I do. Packing the tent doesn’t take long and than I’m ready to take off. When I met Lisa in Fish River Canyon she had told me that I should visit Agrabies. A famous waterfall in the north-west of South Africa. It’s a long ride and there is only a big tar road heading that way, but decide to do it anyway. After a couple of hours on the highway I reach Agrabies and check in at the reception and pay for a camping spot. After pitching up the tent I have a look at the waterfall and there I meet a nice couple, Evert and Marisa. Evert is original Dutch but lives in South-Africa. After a nice chat they invite me to join them for dinner and I accept there offer and have another braai as dinner. I like the South-African style of BBQ and with some nice green salad and wine we have a delicious dinner. While we are chatting about my trip and I mention that I’m in need of a new front tyre, Marisa decide to call a friend. This friend is a member of WildDogs, an internet forum for motor bikers in South-Africa. Within an hour here friend calls her back to tell us that there is a tyre waiting for me in Upperton. Another WildDog member who had a Tyre shop there responded quickly and promise me to help. During my trip I already heard of the WildDogs when I had met other motor bikers from South-Africa. So the next morning I head into the direction of Upperton and the tyre shop is easy to find. Here I meet Nick and he have my tyre changed by one of his employees in no time. We are talking about the places I should visit while I’m in the area and he shows me nice routes on the map. After purposing a Vodacom sim-card for my phone I head of into the direction of ‘Verneukpan’. A pan is a dry lake and the one I like to visit is where last year the speed record has been held. There is a campground at the pan and that’s where I like to spend the night. I got another phone number of another WildDog member and he explains me the correct route. It takes longer than expected because almost the entire road is gravel and some of them are quite bad. When I arrive at the reception of the pan the owners offer me to stay in there quest room instead of camping in the pan. It’s another 25 km and the sun is already setting and I would be the only one there. It’s not a hard decision for me and I accept the offer for the quest room.

Next stop for the next morning is a little place called Lexton where I have a coffee and a sandwich for lunch at the only available bistro in town. From here on I head further south towards Beaufort-West, but not before I drive a pass called ‘De Jagers Pass’. After riding this pass I find a campground just before town. Here I get my tent pitch up and go inside the restaurant to have a beer. This is where I met Trisea Who also have been traveling for some time. She invite me for a braai and since I love doing a braai I accept here offer. We chatting till late the evening and when the bar close we have to leave. From Beaufort-west I go further south again towards Prince Albert. Again I drive great gravel roads and love the ride and the weather. During the day I stop from time to time for a coffee and enjoy the sun. ‘The Swardberg Pass’ connect Prince Albert with the Karoo and from there on it’s only a short distance till Oudtshoorn. Oudtshoorn is in the middle of the Karoo and surrounded with many nice winding roads. I spend al together three days in Oudtshoorn, the first day I head down to the BMW dealer in George because of an low battery message on the motorbike. It turns out that the battery of my alarm is low and need to be replaced. Since it’s very busy at the workshop they allow me to use there tools to replace the battery myself. After an hour and a half I have the motorbike back together and head for a ride. Today I ride the ‘Robertson Pass’ and the ‘Montagu Pass’.

After three day’s I decide to head toward Cape L’agulhas, the most southern point of South-Africa. And after 3 Years 1 Month and 2 Weeks I finally reach the goal of my trip after I’ve been riding 75050km. I stay two nights in Cape L’agulhas two celebrate and spoil myself by not cooking.

When I met Evert and Marisa in Agrabies they had invited me to stay at there place when I was around Stellenbosch. In Stellenbosch is another BMW dealer and I would like to visit them so I call Evert and we agree that I can come over and stay at there place. Evert and Marisa are living at a golf course and therefor it’s complete safe for the motorbike. It’s nice to see them again and we are going out for dinner in Stellenbosch. We have lot’s to talk and with a bottle of wine the evening is over before we notice. The next day I’m heading into the town of Summerset-wes to find a new main battery for the bike and also to find someone to fix my tank-bag since the zipper is broken again. So far the quality of the BMW tank bag. I manage to get the battery of the motorbike replace and I met another guy who is able to temporarily fix the zipper of the tank bag. After staying a second night at Evert and Marisa’s place I head of towards CapeTown. When I was in the Fish River Canyon in Namibia I had met Lisa who had asked me to call her when I would be in CapeTown. So I call her and we arrange that we will meet each other a her place around 17.00 since she was working. I do some riding at the Cape of good hope and visit the table mountain. Just after 17.00 I arrived at Lisa’s place and we have a great evening. She is in the middle of a restoration of here kitchen/living room and therefor it was a big mess at here place. We agree that I will stay a while at here place and when the next day the guys of kitchen come I got almost a heart attack. Those guys work messy don’t do what Lisa asked them to do and putting everything together without a proper lever. When Lisa comes home at the end of the day she is almost crying of what the guys have done. Since I’m good with my hands and have done a lot of restoration I offer Lisa to fix the kitchen. I have only one condition and that is that those guys are not coming back anymore. She fire the guys and the next day I start at around 08.00 and for the next 6 days I’m busy from roughly  08.00 in the morning till 20.00 in the evening. The first thing to fix is the oven and the stove so Lisa can do some decent cocking after to months living of microwave meals. After six days and lots of fun I need to get on my motor again. Except for the tiling and some electricity the kitchen is done and Lisa and here son can use the kitchen and living room again. I’m happy to been able to do something back for all the help I been getting along the way. It give me satisfaction that I made somebody’s life easier after fixing there kitchen. When I leave CapeTown I want to go east since the temperature here in the west is dropping because of the winter. I still don’t like the cold and I do not have the clothes to keep me warm in those temperatures. In hope to catch warmer weather in the east part of South-Africa and to enjoy the sun over there.

In my next update I will tell you my experiences in the east and all about shipping the motorbike out of South-Africa.

Waterfall at Agrabies.
All the way throughout SA great gravel roads.
The Swardberg Pass.
View from the Robertson pass.

A well earn local beer after a long day gravel riding.

Also great tar roads with amazing views.
Finally the ‘most southern point’ of South-Africa.
The bay of Struisbaai, near ‘Cape L’Agulhas’.
Clarence drive, near CapeTown and known as one of the most beautiful roads in SA.
The kitchen I fixed in CapeTown.

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