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Swaziland and export the motorbike.

Week 22 , tuesday 27 May -  Friday 04 July 2014

During my first few weeks in South-Africa I started to collect quota’s for shipping my motorbike back to The Netherlands. A question that game back at all the shipping agencies was if I had a ‘Carnet de Passage’ or ‘TIP’. Unfortunately I don’t have either of them. Then it turns out that without one of the two documents I’m not able to export my motorbike out of the country. After some research I ended up at the SARS, a custom department for import and export. I had two options; first one is to contact an shipping agency and make a deposit for the temporary import of a motorbike, which I will get back as soon as I will export the motorbike again. The second options was to leave South-Africa by a land border and come back in and ask for the proper paperwork (TIP). When I entered South-Africa from Namibia they just waved me through and I didn’t think anything about it because many country on my way south waved me through without even writing down details of the motorbike.

Option one could take up till two weeks and that wasn’t an appealing option to me, while option two would give me the possibility to visit one more country before heading back to the Netherlands. Out of option two where two more options; first option is heading to Lesotho and option two go for Swaziland. Option one wasn’t really an option since is F#$@%king freezing up there, so option two became my choice and so started my trip of 2000KM to Swaziland.

While I leave CapeTown with the cold weather behind, I can already imagine my self laying on the beach somewhere at the east coast of South-Africa. Men I’m so done with this cold and wet weather. Later the day it start raining a bit but like the weather spirits are with me it stop soon after it started. I’m heading towards Oudtshoorn by riding partly the famous Route 62. On my way to CapeTown I had already driven part of this route so now I wanted to take partly a detour. I end op by riding the R323 north of the famous Route 62. Because it’s a gravel road it’s less used and in my opinion better than the original Route 62. At the end of the day I make it to the same hostel where I stay the first time ‘Paradise Backpackers’ in Oudtshoorn. The next morning when it’s still cold I pack the motorbike and head in the direction of Petterberg Bay. I can take the N2 but there is also a back road what will bring me over the Prince Alfred Pass. This pass is really great, the surface is bad and the views awesome and this is where I came for all the way south. As I ride the pass I met another motor-biker, Harold, a local guy who lives in the area. As we have a chat he invites me to his place for a coffee. He rides in front of me and we arrives at ‘Angy’s G-spot’. A small restaurant, coffee in the middle of nowhere. We are chatting about my trip and he give me some advice which road to take and where to go. In the mean time the sky becomes cloudy and I continue my way south, but not after getting another advice for a place to stay the night. The closer I come to the coast the more clouds are coming in and I speed up a bit. Just before the first raindrops fall I arrive at ‘Rocky’s Road’, a nice backpackers hostel surrounded by nature. I’m the only guest at the moment and therefor the owners invite me to join them fore dinner. Later the day a dutch volunteer comes in and some friends of the owner Rocky. We have a great dinner around the fireplace, because it becomes really cold during the nights again. With some beers and a whiskey I manage to stay warm. Around 21.00 I’m heading to bed after I have taken a shower in the fairy tail shower. A shower with to big windows from the floor to the ceiling with a great view on the surrounding nature. This is the nicest shower I had during my entire trip with the most loveliest view ever. Rocky’s Road is near Nature Valley and near the closed ‘Bloukrans Pass’. Luckily for me there is enough space for the motorbike to passed the blockade. The pass isn’t maintained for sometime and the plants are growing through the cracks in the tar. I have to be careful because if there is traffic coming from the opposite direction there is hardly enough space to pass each other.

When I want to go to the far end of nature valley I have to cross some water and since it has been poring rain last night, there was more water than expected. But hey it’s all tar so can’t be that deep, that’s what I think and so I head forward and the beginning is still ok but suddenly the roads drops and the water reach my air intake,........ SHIT the engine cuts of and I have to get my feet to the ground. Grrrrrrr the water reach all the way to my knees and my boots are running full of water haha. I have to push the bike to shallower ground before I can start it again. I go back the way I came and at a parking spot I stop to get the water out of my boots. Luckily I have spare socks and my walking shoes with me. I change the socks and boots and head back to the hostel. I have to laugh about the hole situation because usually I always check the depths if I have to cross and this one time I didn’t and I hit freaking deep water Grrrrrrrr. Back at the hostel the fireplace is all ready burning and I put my boots and my socks next to it so it can dry. The next morning the socks are dry but the boots aren’t but still I put them on and head of to Jeffry’s Bay. Jeffrey’s Bay is known for it’s greats surfing and it turns out to be a nice place with an awesome vibe and therefor I stay there for two nights. The hostel I pick has a cool atmosphere and it’s very easy to stay there longer than planned. My next stoop is Port Elizabeth and not for a specific reason only because it’s a decent distance and time for a break. I meet here some bikers and they discover a small oil leak on my bike. Te next day I go to the dealer and it turns out that a seal have to be changed. Unfortunately to replace the seal half of the bike have to be taken apart. After some conversations with the mechanics they advice me to continue riding and just fill a bit of oil from time to time. When I’m at the dealer the sales manager comes to me and we start a chat he tells me that the same evening there will be a social meeting of the local BMW riders club. He invites me to join them and meet up with the local bikers. Later that day I meet about 25 BMW riders at there clubhouse and we have dinner and drinks with the all of us. The next morning I head towards Addo just 50 km north of Port Elizabeth. On the WildDog forum I had met John and he runs a hostel in Addo. He invite me to come over and stay at his place as long as I want. The Orange Elephant is the hostel John is running and we have lot’s of nice chats about riding the motorbike and South-Africa. It’s also here where I watch the first game for Holland against Spain. Hehe we beat them !!!!!!!!! After two nights and many beers I get back on the motorbike to head towards Swaziland the reason why I head to the east in the first place. Along the east coast I stop at Port Sheptone and St. Lucia. In St. Lucia I spoil myself with a full day safari in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game reserve. I wake up the next morning at 04.30 and while it’s still freezing cold outside I get ready for the safari. During the day I see, Impala’s, Rhino’s, Wild dogs, a Hyena, Lions, a Giraffe and a Elephant. At 15.00 I’m back at the hostel and still full excitement of the safari. Than it’s time to continue to Swaziland again. After an early start and about three hours ride I cross the border with Swaziland within 5 minutes. Other motor-bikers had told me that the border crossing Mahamba is very relax and layback. Swaziland is the same as South-Africa if we talk about the nature and therefor I don’t take many photo’s. What I do notice is that in the south of Swaziland there is a lot of tree gutting going on. Complete hills are cut down and I’m wondering how long they would like to continue this before there is no tree left. I spend two nights near the capital Mbabane and drive around the country in about a day. During the second day I head towards the same border crossing and get my Temporary Import Permit without any problems. I don’t have to pay any deposit and with my so wanted pice of paper I head back towards St. Lucia again. In St. Lucia I meet up with Erika, who I had met before in the hostel in Addo. We are doing a boat tour and I see lot’s of hippo’s and some crocodiles. The rest of the day is just enjoying the sun and writing my blog. The next day it’s time to head to Durban to sort out the paperwork to ship my motorbike back to Holland.

From Oudtshoorn to Uniondale.
Riding the Prince Alfred Pass.
Nature valley.
The closed Bloukrans Pass.
At the BMW motor-bikers club in Port Elizabeth.
At the Orange Elephant.
Amazing sunrise in Port Shepstone.
Zebra’s at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi game reserve,
and a Buffalo,
and a White Ryno,
and a Hippo in the river near St. Lucia

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