Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

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J.Lo packed and Stashed

Week 28 , Saturday 05 July -  Friday 18 July 2014

Now I have managed to get my paperwork in order to export my motorbike back to the Netherlands the only thing I have to do is to find a shipping agency. I already have contact with one and they also have an office in Durban. I’m back at the Happy-Hippo hostel in Durban and excited to arrange the shipping. I contact the agency again and they give me the contact details for there office in Durban. I make an appointment to have a chat with them. I prefer to meet the people in person to find out my first impression. Well this wasn’t the best because they had no idea what kind of paperwork they needed and they also tell me it will be the first time for them to export sometime out of South-Africa. Still I think ok, there is a first thing for everything and decide to go ahead with them and we agree to find out what we need. If I ask for a more specific quote and the price suddenly increase with 70% compared with the original quote. I ask them what the reason is for this huge price difference and they answer me that the first quote was an estimated quote. Well, that is was estimated ala, but that it increased with 70% is not an estimation anymore and tell them that I don’t agree with that. For the next couple of days they try to convince me to export the bike with them but I kindly refuse. Then I get an text message of one of the employees that, if I do business with him and not involving the agency, he could do it for a lower price. So far for the work ethics in South-Africa. I forwarded the message to my contact person and tell him that I absolutely don’t want to do business with his company of any of his people. This decision course me to look for another company and a step back of a week or two. I contact a couple companies I find on the internet, but all the response I get, is that they do no export motorbikes. Finally I decide to take a stroll outside to see if I can find a company in the neighborhood since the hostel is located near the port. After 500 meters I see a sign of “AirWaves” export and give it a try. The first impression is really good. I get the feeling where they are talking about and within 24 hours I have a quote on email. They arrange all the necessary paperwork and for the end of the week there is an appointment to crate the motorbike. I the meantime I bring my motorbike to the local dealer to have a little oil leak fixed. They guys from the dealer also clean my motorbike all the way and when I pick up the motorbike it looks like new again. On monday I head towards the depot where my motorbike will be crated, unfortunately they are to busy, but the next day we got the crating done. I disassemble the motorbike my self to reduce the size f the crate and got great help of the depot guys. I’m surprised when the total cubic meters of the crate turns out to be only 2,56. The next day another guy from “AirWaves” helps me with the clearing of the motorbike by the customs. With all this done I get the final invoice that turns out to be only 5% higher than the original quote (half the price of the quote of the other company). I pay the invoice straight away and from beginning till end it took only 1.5 weeks to get my motorbike on the way. I’m very excited and book a ticket back to Holland for the next day. The last full day I go together with Floor, a Dutch girl I’ve met in the hostel, to the beach and out for dinner that night. We go to a Indian restaurant and order some delicious food, even better wine and an amazing sunset.

With the motorbike packed and stashed in a container, my stay in South-Africa ends and also my Major trip from “Cape to Cape and further”.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and that I have been able to give you an impression of my experiences during my travels.

In the next update I will tell you all the details as how long I’ve been on the road, what it have costed me and many many more.

The first quote
Second quote , 70% increased.
J.Lo ready to sail back home
Last sunset in Durban, South-Africa

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