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3 months back in the Netherlands

Three months has passed by since I crated my motorbike and left South-Africa by plane. I had booked a ticket through ‘Emirates’ and left King Shaka international airport in Durban exactly on time. With 7 hours ahead towards Dubai I made it myself comfortable as far as that goes in an economy seat. At Dubai international airport I had some hours to spend and visit the luxury looking airport. When I went to the gate it turned out that the economy class was overbooked. The friendly lady who did the check in asked if I didn’t mind to be booked into business class, of course not. And therefor I have spend for the first time in my life in an Airbus 380 and in Business class. Man it was fun, the chairs where complete cabins with own minibar, big television and almost one steward to one customer. As soon as I had put my ass down they offered me champagne and a hot towel to clean. I promised myself to enjoy the final ride back to the Netherlands.

During the next 7 hours I had a fantastic dinner with real kitchenware and not the plastic things. I drunk quite some champagne, wine and beer to cover the 7 hours of flying time. This was really my best plane ride ever and with ending my trip all the way down to South Africa, this was the perfect ending, as if they knew.

Back in the Netherlands my good friends Annelies and Frans offered me to pick me up at the airport and to stay at there place. It was so great to see them again and there three kids. Coming back in the Netherlands during the summer is not a bad thing at all. After the weekend I went to see my sister and here kids and my parents. The next view days I met most of my family and lots of friends. I have to agree that it’s good to be back and to be surrounded my friends again.

After being back in the Netherlands for 6 weeks I got the message that J.Lo had arrived at the port of Rotterdam. After doing the paperwork I was finally able to ride J.Lo again.

I came back to the Netherlands to urn some money and topping up my savings for my next trip. The trip which will lead me from South-America all the way to North-America. The fourth day back in the Netherlands I met someone who asked me to work for him. Since then I’m back in business for saving money again. During those last three months I realized how much I had missed my friends and family. I also met up with a really nice girl which I met about 8 years ago. We are dating at the moment and talking about doing the next trip together on J.Lo.

In the coming months I will be busy making contacts with new sponsors, interviews and presentations and preparing the next trip. I will try to update my site from time to time to keep you informed. In the meantime if you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

My very first business ticket in a A380
Eating french fried with my family
Picnic with my friends in Rotterdam
More fun with the kids
J.Lo back in the Netherlands

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