Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........

Beyond the Fjellstova

Week 24, monday 13 june - sunday 19 june 2011.

In the morning of 14 june I phoned the Norwegian mail company myself and asked them why it take so long before they sending me my packaged. They told me that they need a Norwegian tax-number so they can charge me the VAT fee. After my answer that i’m traveling around and would stay longer than tree weeks in Norway they say, that there where not be able to check that. But if I came to Oslo to collect the package myself it wold be ok. I started immediately with
packing my stuff and took off at 2pm. I wanted it to do it in two stages, the biggest part the same day and the latest part the second day. I wanted to be at the customs office between 11.00 and 12.00 the next day.  Because of the heavy rain and the melting ice, the river along the E6 often over flooded. This coursed a lot of damaged along the way down to Oslo. Some parts of the road has been closed and others are open again with a temporarily road-surface. I stay this night at a camping at Nes, witch is a small place located at the east of HAMAR.

The next day I arrived as expected between 11.00 and 12.00am at the customs office in Oslo and within 15 minutes I was back on the street without paying anything. I went on my Motorbike
again and took of as soon as possible to go North again. I was so happy to have my helmet camera and that with the sun on a blue sky a felt the happiest man in the world. After 60k on the E6 towards the North I took a parallel road nr.2. This was much better than the E6 and I enjoyed the views and the scenery. With a bit more than 250k on the way a found a nice rest area along the road and pitched up my tent. With a nice view and a bit of rain I went to bed around 23.00.

I finally started to get the feeling back to be on my trip, after five weeks it was gone a bit. I took the Route Rv17, one of the
most spectacular route of Norway. Famous of the views over the Fjords and the nice weather what makes the area very popular. It is indeed a really nice road with al the corners to take. After every corner I wanted to stop to take pictures. I did the road in tree days and stay al the nights at places along the road. The ferry’s are expansive, but it’s definitely worth it. I meet lots of dutch, German and Belgium peoples and most of they offered me drinks. I’m very pleased about al those peoples who are so friendly too my.

On saturday I crossed the Arctic Pool Circle during the ferry from Helvik to Jektvik. Compared with the crossing on the E6 there is nothing more than a globe. To proof that i’ve been there a took a picture of the GPS-coordinates on by phone.

After the route Rv17 witch was incredible beautiful, I arrived in Bodø. Its is third largest city in Northern Norway with a busy center around the harbor. I’ve been siting there for a hour watching all the boats coming and going. With a soft-ice and a cola and with the sun in my face I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in this city. I went further heading north for visiting Lofoten. This group of islands supposed to have the most beautiful mountains of Norway. I’ll let you know in my next blog what I find about the mountains.

Countries I have visited: