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Lofoten / Vesterålen / Tromsø

Week 25, monday 20 june - sunday 26 june 2011.
As I promise in my previous update, I give you my experience of the Lofoten. The Lofoten is a group of islands just above the arctic circle. Many Norwegians told me that I will find the most beautiful mountains and site seeings. If you are in Norway you should have been in the Lofoten. Without the Lofoten, you have not really been in Norway. After a week with only sunshine it’s hard to handle the clouds above the Lofoten. But as long as it stay dry it’s ok for me.  I entered the Lofoten by
ferry at Lødingen. When I entered the Lofoten it’s already raining a bit and I have to wear my rain suit to keep me dry. This isn’t a good start of this experience.
The tree days I drove around on the Lofoten and the Vesterålen, I saw only clouds and clouds and more clouds. There was light rain and sometimes shower rains, but I never saw the sun shining when I was there. I meet a guy called Tom on the ferry from Bonga to Lødingen en met him ones more on the Vesterålen in the place called Myre. It’s a place in the North western part of the Vesterålen. On Thursday I went further on the road back to the mainland of Norway following
the E10. Back on the E6 I took the 84 to Sjøvegan and had I nice trip along the coast. The weather became slowly better and around 18.30 I found a nice small campground in the region of Sørreisa. In the evening I was invited by the family to drink a cup of coffee and to eat waffels. Today its national BBQ day, but because of the cold and the mosquitoes outside we went inside. We had a really nice chat with the family and drink a glass of wine later on.

The next day I took off to Tromsø, I wanted to buy some road-maps from Sweden and Finland. Tromsø is the biggest town in the north of Norway, it was very crowded when I arrived in the city centre. I didn’t find any good shop and I didn’t like the feeling to leave my bike standing in the crowd. After 1,5 hour and closing time I left the city behind me and went looking for a nice place to stay for the night. I ended 20 km north of Tromsø. It was a camping and I meet there “das rollende hotel”. A big red bus, with the front part just like a normal bus, but the back was turn into a big compartment with lot’s of beds. The tour-guides offered me to join for dinner and we had a really nice chat. As a dessert they served a bin with Vodka. At the end I get the leftover for the next day. Later the week I would met them severals times during my trip to the North cape. On Saturday I took road 91 with two ferry’s towards the E6 again. (the only road to the North cape) By one of the many inlets I found a small camping where I did put up my tent.

Unless the cloudy and windy days I had a nice week again. I hope to be back there ones when the sun shines and the clouds are gone. That will be the only way to tell you if the Lofoten are better than the Route 17. Next week I will finally reach the North cape and from there on I start my Cape to Cape trip.


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