Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........

The North-cape

Week 26, monday 27 june - sunday 03 july 2011.
The first day of the week was a relax day in Alta, I wanted to sit down and doing nothing. Leaving my tent pitched up for ones. I did some grocery shopping in town and washed my motor-suit. After almost tree months he really needed a wash. Because the sun would shine the whole day it was perfect to let it dry in out side. A motor-suit is not suitable for the dryer. On Tuesday I left Alta behind and there where only another 200km ahead to
the “North-cape”.

On tuesday I left the camping in Alta at 9.30 and after refilling my tank, I headed towards the North-cape. On my way I saw already nice landscapes and I was exited to be in the North. The time was almost there that I would start my cape to cape trip. During the ride up north I had to take several tunnels and there were freezing 8˚C. After the first one I stopped to get more clothes on. The toll I had to pay at the last tunnel wasn’t that much only 70NKr. At 15.00 I entered the North-cape after paying 160NKr. I had made it to the first cape at N71˚10’. When I told about my trip I was allowed to drive my motorbike up to the sign to take pictures and here i’m.

At 16.15 and with 15349km on the teller I finally started my trip al the way down to South-Africa. Later the day I pitched up my tent at the most Northern camping in Europe called “Kirkeporten” located at N71˚50’.
The next day a had some troubles with packing my tent, because off the heavy wind blowed my tent almost away. In the early morning around 07.00 the wind increased. The benefit was that the wind blowed my tent dry. At 10.30 I took of and during my ride down there where some heavy windy moments. Two bikers who wanted to go to the North-cape were blowed of the bikes. There where both injured and the bikes were damaged. Later on I saw motorbike blowed of the side-stands of the heavy winds. I drove 90 km without stopping and drove the hole way in the fourth gear around the 80 and the 90km/h. With this speed I could handle the bike ok. I looked at the grass, leaves and the water to find out from witch direction the wind came.
Some bikers drove 50 to 60 km/h, but I saw them moving from left to right during heavy wind-blows. The slower you drive the more unstable you become, but too fast isn’t good as well. The biggest rule for a biker is to drive that speed that you feel comfortable with. I didn’t take a single phone all the way down. When I finally arrived in a little town a bit away from the coast I was glad to stop. My arms hurt of the intense way of riding for 90 km. I didn’t drove to much that day and slept in Lakeslv in a MC-Motel. In the early evening I went out for some grocery and saw a newspaper office, so I went inside and this women Sonja liked my story very much. After taking some pictures she will try to get a little story in the local paper. Let’s hope that at least some people take a look and donate something. Did you
already made your donation?? The next day I drove further towards the Norwegians - Finnish border. At 11.25 with 15.642km on the clock I crossed the border on the 92 by Karigasniemi. The last time I filled up my fuel tank was at Alta in Norway. After that I already drove more than 600km and I needed to fill my fuel tank again. But the fuel in Finland is much cheaper than in Norway, so with only a range of 98km I past the last fuel station in Norway. When I reached the first fuel station I had only 0.7 liter of fuel left in my tank. After refilling I calculated that I saved almost € 12.

On thursday I went to the “Santa Claus Village” at the Arctic Pool circle at 66˚32’35” close by Rovaniemi. When I arrived I already heard the christmas songs from at the parking area. I expected to see the Santa Claus him self but he was to busy with preparing his trip during Christmas. He has to found the right presents for all the children and all the rights addresses in the World. It was a strange feeling to hear those christmas songs in summer time. I found it strange to see al those trees and feel the atmosphere around Christmas with 28˚c. After spending more than a hour in Santa Claus Village I drove further south on the E75. It was a bit of a boring drive, because long pieces of road were just straight, without curves or bends. Finally I pitch up my tent Torino, it also called “ the Shitthole” of the Balestic Sea. On this camping the sauna was included in the price, s I took time to go into the sauna. I’m really like the sauna, back in Holland I go every other sunday. There was
another guy in the sauna, a Finnish guy, who thought that he could get me out the sauna by putting lots of water on it. He went out him self and I stayed. He didn’t expect that i’m used to the heat of John special sauna moments.On friday I went even further south. In Kemi I stopped at the little port for a coffee and watched the sailing ships passing by. After a hour I went on to Oulu on the route E75. After Oulu I took some smaller roads along the coast with became gravel roads. After a nice stop on a small beach and a ice-cream I continued my trip. I found a nice campsite at Pyhaijcki and enjoyed the beautiful sunset on the edge of the river.

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