Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........


Week 27, monday 04 june - sunday 10 july 2011.
Last week I finally started my trip at the North-cape and now in the country of the lakes. My first idea was to go al the way down along the Bothnia-sea. I thought that nearby the sea would be less mosquitoes, but after camping there for two days I wasn’t sure about that anymore. I started to think of riding inland and go by al the lakes. Unless that I was afraid for more mosquitoes, I had to choice between to options. Mosquitoes or more mosquitoes. On sunday I made a route on my GPS to the inlands of Finland. But on monday morning I wasn’t sure anymore. Till the moment that I started my motor I din’t know yet. Well first I had some grocery to do and I had to fill up my
tank. That was the moment I decided to go for the inland route. I took the 790 of the coast area and within no time I reached the gravel roads. And this first gravel road brought me into a little incident. By some roadworks there was heave gravel and I stop on the side of the road. Unfortunately my left foot slipped away in to a ditch. On that moment I knew that I could not holt the bike, so I jump off the bike for not being hurt. So far so good.........only the ditch was much deeper and my bike was on his right side. When I was climbing out the ditch the bike turn
completely over and landed on the back of my legs. I was trapped by my own bike with the engine still running. It took my maybe 20 seconds before I was able to get myself free from under the bike. After this I turned of the engine and lucking as I was the guys from the roadworks came over to help. It wasn’t easy to get the out the ditch, because he ended upside down. We used the shovel and a cable to get my bike back on the road. Men the bike was serious heavy. Ones back on the road there was not much damage, except the mirrors has to be tight
up. This day I drove further on the 790, ....., ...... and the ..... During this ride I made some nice pictures and till now I didn’t regret that I choice for the inlands. I stayed this night in Numres on the campground. This was a golf resort and now used like a campground, youth hostel, and budget hotel. After a nice sauna and a bit of internet I went to bed at 23.00. The next morning I woke up with legs of a old men. A could hardly walk normally and stretch my legs was also hard to do. After some difficulties a managed to pack my stuff. I finally took of and was glad to be back on the road again. Riding my bike a didn’t feel any pain. I took another scenic road around one of the many
lakes. For a impression of the lake area watch the photo’s. I saw incredible views and stopped multiple times to take pictures. I didn’t saw many bikers in this area thats maybe because of the bad image of the mosquitoes in this area. This day the temperatures reached the 29˚C and it became very warm, but with some wind during the ride it was ok. When I stopped I did this always in the shadow. After a nice ride and a swim in one of the many lakes I stopped ad the camping of Joenluu. This is a bit bigger place in the surroundings and there were lots of bikers around here. After looking at the larger map I realized that I can be in Helsinki within two or three day’s. I made a bit of a planning for the next couple of day’s. I had some
stuff to do in Helsinki. So is my sleeping EXPED mattress a bit of broken in the end. And I have problems with my MSR-fuel cooker. I didn’t arrive in Helsinki to late on a friday. The change that the people going home early for the weekend is very big. So I wanted to be there on a thursday. After a early morning sauna I packed my tent and went further south. I became already a bit better with my legs I was be able to walk a bit faster already. This day I didn’t drive that much because of the heat. I stopped from time to time to get a fresh drink or to find some shadow. I stopped also in Sulkava with a nice little port. After only 200km I pitch up my tent at the campground in Puumala with a view on the beach. I meet here a great French couple
and we had a nice chat on the terrace of the bar on the camping. Later they invited me to there cabin to have another bear and something to eat. The next day I took of to Helsinki and drove mostly on the bigger roads as the 13, 15, 6 and 7 and reach the camping in Helsinki at 16.00. I pitched up my tent and took a swim in the river next to the campground. On friday I went downtown to arrange a replacement of my Exped mattress and a little part of my MSR fuel cooker. My mattress get a strange place at the end, and I replaced a rubber part of my cooker with a part of my tire pump. I want to thank the company Noldor for the great service by replacing the mattress and the rubber of the cooker in such a short time. I’ll recommend to al the peoples who have questions of one of your brands. On saturday I booked myself a ticket at Tallink Silja, for the ferry to Talinn on Sunday 10 july at 14.00. I’m looking forward to enter the mainland of Europe again and to visit the Eastern European countries. It was not planned original but that will happen more often a guess. 

Countries I have visited: