Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........


Your motorbike have to go.

Week 27 - 31, monday  25 June - sunday 12 August 2012.

It took about three weeks before I received my active teaching status of the PADI office in the UK. In the meantimes I did more guided dives and also joined some other instructors for team teaching. This is a nice way to see how the different instructor teach the different PADI dive courses. As a present I boughed myself a 5 mm wetsuit of  “Bares” so I don’t have to rent a suit in the future anymore. On the 10th of July I went to Nuweiba port to extend my permission for three more month, this is where I heard that I could not get another extension and that I have to leave the country within four days. I was not able to reach Aswan in four days and arrange the ferry to Sudan. The only option left was heading back to Israel and spent some time over there. The idea is to leave Egypt for a while and then try to reenter again. Since there is no computer system at the border crossings I hope to trick the system. I’m lucky that I have to use my new carnet de passage and that can help me by reenter Egypt. I went back to Dahab to pack my staff and to tell “Poseidon divers” that I have to leave. I worked one more day because I also had to let my dive-gear dry before packing it in my bike. On the 13th I left Dahab and within two hours I had reached Taba where I had to get my motorbike staff worked out. I also asked them if it was a problem to reenter the country and according to them it would not be a problem at all. Unfortunately I have experienced that not every official know how the system exactly works so I still have my doubts about it. After some paperwork I had to pay only 2 LE for an exit seal, very cheap !!! By entering Israel the waiting started, my motorbike had to be completely inspected and he went even through the X-ray. After a couple questions why I wanted to be back in Israel and when it was the latest time I was in Iran, I could continue to the next locket. After arranging an insurance for the bike (€ 104 for one month), because I couldn’t find my green card, they let me in. I’m back in Israel !!! I checked myself in at the YHA hostel where I stayed the last time and the women from the reception even remembered me. After a nice cold shower and a beer I went to the spa of David and Josie. They where not there and so I went to another place to drink a beer. The next day I met David and Josie at the spa and later the day we went out to have dinner at a place called “Little Brazil”. It was nice to see them again and we had lots to talk. The next day I went to a cheaper hostel called “Corinne hostel”. The hostel was quit fun, cause the owner calls him self an artist and made the hostel himself. He made al the paintings, tables and lots of other things. All together I spend almost four weeks in Eilat and met lots of interesting people, one of them was Limor with which I spend some nice days at the beach and the Dolphin reef. I also went twice to the Jazz festival and drunk beer and smoked some joins. On the 12th of August I went to lovely Mitzpe Ramon, and stayed there in “The Green Backpackers”. In Eilat the temperature was frequently around the 48 degrees, and here in Mitzpe Ramon the temperature is only 35 degrees. It turns out that the could use a volunteer and so I decided to stay for probably another two weeks. During those weeks I help with cleaning and I also painted the staircase. The staircase was really dirty and stinky and after four days of cleaning and painting it was a totally different staircase. I also joined a jeep tour at the “Maktesh” and a bedouin campfire at night. Some of the nights I went out to do some photography and that resulted in some really nice photo’s as you can see by using this link. During my stay in Eilat I got myself a tattoo on my back. It’s quit a big one and it took the tattoo girl five day’s to complete the tattoo. They next three weeks I was not allowed to swim or to be in the sun with my back. After the tattoo was finished I stayed another couple days with Josie and David. After two and a half weeks the tattoo healed really nice, but because it’s a black tattoo there is a possibility that there would be open spots. This is why I had to go back to Eilat to the tattoo girl. Back in Eilat I visited the tattoo girl and she needed another two hours to finish my tattoo completely. Because of my tattoo I can’t go diving for the next two a three weeks so I planned to go back to Mitzpe Ramon and stay at “The Green Backpackers” to help there with the cleaning. At least it doesn’t cost me anything and I can save some money during my stay there.

Paintings at “Corinne hostel” in Eilat
Made by the owner of the hostel. David
Me at the Jazz festival in Eilat
Jeep tour at the “Maktesh”
The bedouin campfire in Mitzpe Ramon

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