Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Week 28, monday 11 july - sunday 17 july 2011.
After my arrival in Talinn it took me a while before i had found a nice campground. I ended up in the Pirita Harbour Caming. A small camping with a fantastic view. I like sailing boots, so i took the time to look around and having chats with some of the owners. On Monday i took the bus to visited Talinn and it turns out to be a great old town. Lots of souvenirs shops and some nice old churches. I visited the defense wall for a great look onto the city below. After a couple hours and a coffee with
cheese cake a went back to the campground. Together with my arrival there were five other bikers from Finland. With a beer and some port we had a nice talk about al different places i should and not should visit. By the way the grocery are much cheaper here than in Finland. I also bought myself a nice bottle of Tayler Port. I love this brand. The next morning i woke up when the rain was blasting my tent so i decided to stay one more day. Lucky as i was, the sun came true around noon and the moment that my tent dried i took of. By now it was already 14.00, but with a nice blue sky as far as i could see i wanted to ride my motor. I drove all different small road in the north of Estonia to the east. I came by Estonians first NP called
Lahemaa NP. This park is pretty small but with great nature it’s defently worth visited it. Around 17.00 i start looking for a campground and found one on the edge of this park. The town Alta contains all original buildings form the year 1838. Right now there are 24 peoples living permanently in this Village. I visited a couple houses and also drunk a beer at  Alta tavern build back in 1976. After a nice quit night a went on the next day to Lake Peipsi. This lake is the border between Estonia and Russia. I drove al the way down along the lake and saw many signs of the old Russian time. Places with a big square in the
middle of town with a impressive building. Everywhere you look you can see the old places where Stalling stood. Al those Sculptures are gone, because the people don’t want to know anything anymore of the old Russian time. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are independent for the last 20 years. The government of all three counties are beautifying there surroundings to get rite of the old times. In Estonia is a organization called RMK who provides free primitive camping places. The next night i stood on one of them and save so some money. On Thursday i took the only road in Estonia were you
can ride legally into Russia without a visa. It’s only one kilometer but i can say i have been in Russia. There were al signs of don’t park, don’t stop and you where not allowed to walk on this one kilometer road. After one kilometer i have to turn around otherwise i would have driven into a real checkpoint. On 13.30 with 18263km on the clock i crossed the border with Lativa. For the first in almost two months it became dark at night again. After so many light nights i has to get used of the dark again. In Lativa i drove mostly gravel roads and my motor became very dirty again, but thats how a bike should like. Because i couldn’t found a decent roadmap of Latvia a let my GPS with the nice roads. It was awesome, really great and i enjoyed the ride true Latvia. I didn’t visited Riga, because this big city is know of its criminality. I drove only 247 kilometers in Latvia and crossed the border with Lithuania the next day at 11.50 with 18510k on the clock. Just across the border i decided to drink a coffee at a nice looking windmill. Unfortunately i put the coffee on my motor suit. It’s looks like a really dirty suit now. The next possibility i have to wash my suit again. I had read the lonely planet of Lithuania and it seem to
be a nice country. I decided that i wanted to visited the capital Vilnius because of al the history and the old buildings over there. After a noisy night on a camping near Molétai, i drove on saturday further to Vilnius. In Molétai i meet a nice Polish couple Weisia and Wieniek. I arrived in Vilnius early because it was only 65 kilometer from the camping i stayed last night. I pitched up my tent and enjoyed the sun and relaxed. After some grocery shopping in the late afternoon i bought my self a nice baked chicken wing with a very healthy fresh salad. I also
bought Lithuanian vodka to find out how it tasted. I liked it and after two beers of 0.5 liters and 100ml of vodka i slept really well. On sunday i went into town, the photo’s i took can give you some impression how it was over there. A nice old town with lots of history and within a range of one kilometer you will find there 25 churches. I also visited the old KGB prison and that is really impressive, unfortunately it was not allowed to take photo’s. Especially the Lithuanians became very religion after the independency. During the old Russian time they have to believe in the Russian church, and now they are free to believe what ever they want. Lot’s of churches are being restored since the independency. This is also one of the reasons that you see crosses and catholics signs everywhere throughout the country.

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