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Lithuania & Poland

Week 29, monday 18 july - sunday 24 july 2011.
A new week with a nice warm day. After lunch I decided to stay another day in Vilius. I wanted to search for another camera, because i’m not real happy with my current one. After my original camera has been stolen in Tromsø, I bought a canon Powershot Sx210. I bought this one, because it use the same battery as my original one. he extra battery wasn’t stolen so I still have two battery’s. The photo’s I take right now are not the same as the photo’s I always took. The colors are less sharp and the edges are bended. After visiting two shops a couldn’t find the right one yet. I decided to look in another city with more shops. I bought today the take away chicken with another salad
again. It was delicious again and with a beer it was a nice complete meal. This day I also updated my site with the newest photo’s and my experiences of the last week. After a nice chat yes with a dutch gay (Piet de Vries) I wasn’t able to do it yesterday. Later this evening a meet Stephanie en Paul, from New-Zealand and Denmark. They invited me to there caravan and we have been talking the hole evening. They are traveling trough the Baltic states and are heading back to Denmark for a party next week. Paul told me that he’s been sailing around the equator for four years. Stephanie joined him the last year. I was really interested in there story’s because I love sailing. And the experiences from other travelers are always interested to hear. They invited me to join them the next time they are going to make a sailing trip. The next day on tuesday I headed to Druskinikai what’s close at the Polish border. It took me only two hours to reach and pitch up my tent at the city camp. In the afternoon I went to a sculpture park called Grûtas. This park contains a lot of sculptures from the old Russian time. It was very impressive to see
al those sculptures of mostly angry looking russian leaders. In the evening I tried to contact Wiesia and Wieniek in Poland to tell them that I liked to accept there offer of coming to there place in Poland. I could reach them and I went the next day towards Poland and crossed the border at 11.50 with 19011km on the clock. My first opinion of Poland was very nice, because of the nice landscape I drove trough. Some roads are really bad maintained bud in general they are quit ok. If you are riding on the local roads, you have to lower your speed at every village to 50km/h and that takes a lot of time. I wanted to ride all the way to Torun, and showing up at Wiesia and Wieniek place. But it took me more time then I expected and I decided to pitch up
my tent halfway in Mragowo. Here I tried to contact Wiesia and Wieniek again and this time we had contact. They told me that they where waiting for me at there place and so I headed the next morning to Lysomice, a little place 4km north of Torun. Around 15.00 I arrived there a they welcomed me on a very friendly and nice way. After drinking a cup of coffee we went to Torun where they toured me around. They shared as much as information and I get a impression of the rich history of the city Torun. When we where back at there place Wieniek
prepared a old south-Polish dish what tasted fantastic. It was some cabbage with onion, carrot, mushroom, chicken and pig. It went in a pot (see picture) and it stood in the fire for two hours. The next day we went to another place Ciechocinek, where they have some massive walls where they unsalt the salty water. You can drink this water, but it still tasted a bit salty. Beside making drinking water they also use this water for medical use. Later the evening we had a BBQ at there place. They offered me a solid place to sleep and with some vodka I slept like a rock. Wiesia and Mieniek, many thanks for all your time and the many nice chats we had. Like I told you, I really
changed my way of thinking of the Polish people and it feels like a sign that I meet you in  Lithuania. You are always welcome at any place where I stay, and don’t hesitate to call me if Cashja want to come over to Rotterdam. On Saturday I went further into Poland and ended in Krakow. Wiesia and Wieniek had given me the advice to visit this town because of it old centre with many old buildings. Unfortunately it rained almost the hole day at sunday. I didn’t like to walk around the city becoming wet so I took a couple photo’s and went back to the camping. I hooped that they weather would be better on Monday. In my next blog I will tell you how my visit in Krakow ended and if the weather did changed.

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