Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........

Poland / Slovakia / Hungary

Week 30, monday 25 july - sunday 31 july 2011.
In my previous blog post I told you about the bad weather in Poland, well that bad weather continued for the rest of my stay. On monday I went into town again, but it wasn’t that funny at all. After I was back on the campground I wanted to buy a chair so I didn’t have to sit on the ground anymore. When I bought this I also went to the MediaMarket to buy a little bag for my camera. I have decided to keep my camera, after a hard reset. With this reset the camera seems to be ok again. I did take a
look for a D-SLR camera, bud the one I liked the most wasn’t available in the shop. I wanted also to go to the BMW shop to buy a new wind blocker, my previous I had lost somewhere in Finland. Because of the rush hour I couldn’t make it in time and I make the deal with my self to go there the next day. On tuesday I went to the BMW dealer and bought a neck blocker and after I informed for the price of the 20.000km service check, I decided to let it done in Poland. This check costed me only €396 and this is compared with The Netherlands very cheap. Later the day I went to Auschwitz, this visit made me a bit depressed because of what’s happens here in the past. I can’t understand why peoples can do such things. They must have
been insane to do those things. On wednesday I went to the garage and arrived there around 10.00am. I was allowed to hang around to keep a eye on the motorbike. The mechanic did a really good job, he also fastened al the screws of the bike. Unfortunately he also cleaned the entire bike, she looks like new again. Together with the service check they also placed new tires type Heidenau K60, those tires are a bit more suitable for gravel and sandy roads. All together I payed for this a amount of €654. The next day on Thursday I took of in the direction of  Slovakia. I started the day with sun but ended it with heavy showers and wen I arrived in Bratislava I was soaked. My rainsuit worked but my sho
es couldn’t handle the amount of water. I stayed this night at the “Red start hostel” , just outside the centre. After ordering a pizza, we went with a group of quest and Ada (the hostel host) to the city centre for a drink. Together with my roommate I was back at the hostel around 02.30am. It was a long time ago that i’ve been out that late, but I really enjoyed it and had a wonderful night. Because of the enthusiasm way the hosts were talking about the city Bratislava, I decided to stay one more day. I visit the city during a nice sunny day and took lots of photo’s. In the evening we went with a different group to the city centre again. This time I came home a bit later around 04.30am. I brought Ada
and another girl back to there hostel and mist the last night-bus. Wen I came back in the hostel another roommate was snoring like hell. I waked him up but it didn’t matter how he slept, he kept on snoring like hell. I went out bed (i hardly slept at all) at 07.30am and packed al my stuff to leave the hostel in time. I wanted to go to Budapest and stay there for a couple of nights. By now I had contact with Irina and we arranged that I would meet her in Bulgaria the next week on Friday. During my ride towards Budapest I had for the first time in two weeks the hole day sun. In the late afternoon I arrived at the “bikerscamp” in a suburb of Budapest. Ones again I meet here a friendly Polish
biker and together we went to the city in the evening. Not for going out but for taking pictures of Budapest by night. To visit the city by daylight I went into town the next down and that’s how I meet Leonie and Kim again. This couple is traveling by car from the UK to Mongol. In my next update I hope to tell you about Romania and my visit in Bulgaria.

Countries I have visited: