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Richard is on the road for his major trip.

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Romania / Bulgaria

Week 31, monday 01 August - sunday 07 August 2011.
After my visit in Budapest I took of to leave Hungary in time, because I had a vignette for only four day’s. I’m not sure if there are penalties for this, but they put my registration number into the computer. I don’t like to be at risk for getting a penalty. Till now I saved my self some problems by staying at the maximum speed especially in the villages. In poland, Slovakia and Hungary I saw so many speed checks along the road. By entering Romania I get the feeling of entering a very poor country. The
small villages a drove trough are consisted mainly of old and broken down buildings. Lot’s of peoples were sitting along the road, trying to sell fruit. I hardly saw peoples in the twenties, they all moved to the bigger cities to earn money. Partly because of the bad economy it’s very hard to find work in those villages. When I approached the bigger city’s I saw instantly a difference in environment. Newer buildings better roads and less peoples on the road. In Romania there are less peoples who
speak english and even the younger peoples are not always speaking english. The mentality is much different that for example Slovakia. They are intensively busy to become a country to do business with. In Romania there is nothing of this, or at least much less. I stayed in Gilau on a campground of dutch peoples and the food they served there was defently not what i’m used to eat in other countries. Everything they served came from the freezer and was baked in the frypan. In stead of
a complete meal you have to other everything separate. I never saw this way of ordering. Later the week I found out that’s the way they do it in Romania. Because of the nice weather I decided to stay another day on the campground in Gilau. I enjoyed the sun at the swimming pool and did some research on the internet for interested things in Romania. I found some stories about the Transalpina road, and the next day I took this road towards the border of Bulgaria. Unfortunately I get a bit lost in the mountains, partly because of my GPS. My GPS crashed from time to time and ones I took a wrong turn. After riding for two hours I finally managed to get back on a major road. I was I bit of route and found a nice place for the night close by Pitesti whats 80km north-west of Bucarest. Now I have to drive more kilometers to reach Sofia. After a bit of noisy night I left in the early morning around 09.00. I had chosen for the smaller roads in stead of the big highway. The distance in kilometers was the same, but I didn’t like the idea of riding almost 500km on the big roads. The crossing into Bulgaria at Oryahovo
was be done with a ferry and did coast me only € 4. In Bulgaria I didn’t need a vignette again, the vignette is only needed for vehicles with more then 3 wheels. I made the choice of taking another scenic road towards Sofia. Road 16 is a really nice road with lovely views, nice curves and bends to get your steps on the asphalt. You have to be careful here in Bulgaria, because some of the roads are nog really maintained. There are some differences in priority of the roads, but that doesn’t mean that a priority 2 road is better than a priority 3 road. On 20.00 I reached finally Irina’s place and after a warm welcome the let me take a
shower. Irina’s mom made us a nice dinner with the typical Bulgarian salad called “Shoopskh”, and I nice cold bear. After 4 months we had lot’s of things to tell each other and we went to bed not earlier than 01.00. I finally slept in a decent bed again in a quit surrounding. On saturday I went with Slava, Irina’s sister, to the Rila Monastery 80 km south of Sofia. This is a Monastery has been in 946 A.C. In 1833 the complex was destroyed by fire and been rebuild in 1961 and right now it’s still in use. Since 1983 this monastery has been listed on the
UNESCO World heritage list. When we came back in Sofia, Irina’s mom had prepared a nice BBQ in the backyard. The next day we went with some friend into the mountains around Sofia and we climbed the Boyana waterfall. After a climd of at least 2 hours we reached the top and we had astonishing view over the city of Sofia.

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