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Bulgaria, “Stara Planina”/”Black Sea”

Week 32-33-34, monday 08 August - sunday 28 August 2011.
A new week in a other country, Bulgaria. After arriving in Sofia and a nice weekend at Irina’s place I stayed one more day in Sofia. Doing some laundry and reorganizing some stuff and for al enjoy the nice food Irina’s mother made for me. On Tuesday I went to the inlands of Bulgaria. By following road number 6 I drove into the “Stara Planina”, this is a mountain chain that divide Bulgaria into west and east. During this first day of riding
trough Bulgaria my GPS crashed from tome to time. I’m not sure if this is coursed by the high temperatures or something else. Back in Romania I had also those problems without high temperatures.
I wanted to ride road number 37 up to Teteven to see the caves, but I could not found the right track. So after this unfortunately situation I decided to go further to Koprivshittsa. In this little you find lots of building build in the traditional Bulgarian style. It is a tourist place, but still very nice to visit. There a lots of small restaurant where you can eat traditional meals, for a NOT tourist price. This place is absolutely worth
to visit when you are in Bulgaria. I slept this night in a small but nice motel with breakfast included. The next day I drove further east to a place called Karlovoo. Close by you find a monument of “Vasil Levski”, who was the leader of the uprising back in the 19th century. In Karlovo I meet Ivats and Ekatarina, a couple from Sofia, who were riding around for a week. They invited me to ride with them so they could tour me around a bit. We went to different places and ended up in Koprivshittsa again. Ivats and Ekatarina had a room rented for three nights and they offered me a room in the same apartment. For only 25 lev I stayed there for two nights, later the evening we went out for a meal and a drink in town. The beer is very
cheap here and we also bought a 2 liter bottle beer for 2,75 lev, whats recounted to € 1,35. Around 01.00 we went to bed and because of the rain the next day, we decided to stay in town for a day. We went both our separated way’s and we made a appointment to have dinner together in the evening. I went to a bar/restaurant to use the internet for updating my site. After a couple drinks i went back to the apartment a read there a book. Around 19.00 we went out for dinner and unless the shortcut to the little restaurant we were soaks by the rain. I eat traditional “shkembe chorba”, what’s actually stomach meat of a lam/pig without any taste. With herbs and a glass of Rakia it was ok to eat. Beside this I also eat “kavarma”, what is also a traditional Bulgarian dish. Gekookte groente en vlees in een pot in de overn. With some beer we finished the evening in the apartment. On Thursday we took of at 10.00am and went to Panagyurishte where Ivats and Ekatarina visited a museum. After this visit we went back to Sofia. When we arrived close at the city centre we said goodbye and went ore own way. I went to the BMW-dealer to let my motor check. I had this problems
with the GPS and also a message “EWS” on the computer. “EWS” has something to do with the antenna of the keys. With a bit of a language problem we managed to sort out the problem on the BMW-computer. There was a error in the “High voltage protector”. Unfortunately it was not in stock and has to be ordered from BMW-Germany. Back at Irina’s place we enjoyed a nice meal and a nice glass of wine. The next day we just relaxed in Sofia and surroundings, we went to a swimming pool and went to the movie “Friends  with benfits” with Jus
tin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in town. On Saturday Irina and I went on the motorbike towards the Black Sea. Irina’s mother have a little house over there where we wanted to spend a couple days. Trough the “Rhod0pes” we went to Devin , Momchilovtsi and Kardzhali. We past the “Krichim dam” and the “Vacha dam”, who are know of it’s beautiful blue water and nice views. We wanted to ride in one day to the Black Sea, but because of the heat we have to stop a couple time underway and drink a lot of water. We had both a bit painful asses because of the head
and the not real comfortable roads. We decided to stay the night in Devin. Devin is know of its mineral water. In all Bulgaria you can buy bottled water of the brand Devin. On Sunday we went further to Burgas, it still took us the hole day to reach the little house on the Black Sea. After arriving we were happy to take a shower and because we drove all day we went out for dinner at a nearby fish restaurant. At night I felt not very well and somewhere in the middle I started to feel sick, I had to trow up and having diarrhea. In the morning i was really sick and because I didn’t bring any medicals with me,
Irina went into town to get some medicals. Those medicals help me in a couple hours to feel better. Within three hours i could eat and drink again, I had to be careful not to drink to much. Around the evening I felt much better so we went on foot to a restaurant to drink something. After a good night sleep I was completely recovered in the morning and we decided to go into the city of Burgas. We did some shopping to buy a nice blouse and a white linen pants. I had only the dark pants I always wear and one t-shirt. It became time to buy something I could wear in the evening. Beside those clothes I also bought a pair of running shoes, because I missed the running exercise. The next day’s we went running together in the morning after waking up.
It felt very good to have some exercise again. We also visit Sozopol, a lovely small place and unless it’s very touristic we had a nice walk around this place. Later on we continued our trip further south and found ourself a nice beach for a swim and some sunbathing. When we came home that evening, Irina went to the beach again to take a longer swim. On Thursday we continued our trip along the Black Sea, but the way up to Varna was quit busy and messy of al the construction they where doing along the coastal road number 9. We were glad to get of this road and we went into the direction of Veliko Tarnovo. This has been the capital city in the early years of Bulgaria and
contained lots of historical ruins of castles and defending lines. We slept the night in a lovely kind of a questhouse with restaurant facilities. We had a nice dinner at the restaurant and drunk some wine and beer. After a nice run in the morning in this remote place along old houses we went to Veliko Tarnovo. We visit the old castle called Carevec. This castle was build on the top of a maintain and had as always a strategic place and had amazing views over the city. It’s was pretty hot in there and i was glad to walk in the shadow from time to time. Later on we drunk a nice ice-coffee in one of the
many places around town. We also meet a couple nice peoples from the US, who were traveling around Romania and Bulgaria. We went on the bike around 16.00 and we still had to drive another 200km before we were back in Bankya. We were both tired of riding on the motorbike in this heat and we slept both for a long time. The next morning we waked up late and we didn’t much at all. Just eating chatting and hanging out in the sun. On Sunday we went out with some friends to climb a mountain again. This time is was less steep then the week before, but it was as nice as last time. Afterwards we went to a nice place to eat something. We ended up with a complete dinner and we were back in Bankya around 19.00. We didn’t much more than watching TV and drinking wine on the couch. We went to de quit early because we were both tired of climbing and doing nothing. On monday I went to the BMW-dealer to get my bike fixed. They have the high voltage protector replaced and this world prevent me from the EWS messages. When I was at the dealer, they also saw and heard the problem with my GPS. After contact with my dealer in The Netherlands
they ordered a new GPS for me in Germany. I also wanted to have the mount replaced, but BMW-Germany didn’t want to change this. Lets hope the hole problem is fixed by replacing only the GPS. Still I have to wait till friday before the received the unit from Germany. In the meanwhile I will stay a bit longer at Irina’s place. This week I’ve been working in the backyard, cutting the grass and picking fruit and also give the backyard lots of water. On wednesday evening we wen together
to a salsa dans evening and unless I didn’t dans it was nice to see Irina and the other people dancing. On Thursday we went out to a open air concert of  “Balkan Beat Box” in one of the parks in Sofia. The music wasn’t really my taste, but the atmosphere was really nice. The zinger was able to get everybody dancing and jumping around so that was ok. Unfortunately the generator broke down after 45 minutes and the cut of the concert. So we went early back home and enjoyed a movie on the TV. The next day we get invited to eat out at a Italian place by friends of Irina. We had a nice week and another nice weekend ahead before I would go further to Turkey. On Sunday we went on the motorbike to the Rila Lakes, what’s a 1.5 hours
ride from Sofia. The ride towards those lakes was fantastic and we took the elevator to 2100 meter high, we had a fantastic view and when we arrived at those high we went even further by foot. Halfway a stopped because at the end I still have ride back for 1.5 hours. Irina went further and took really nice pics at the top of the hills overviewing the lakes. The way downhill we did it al by foot, even the part we did on the way up with the elevator. After this walk we were really tired and went back to the house to clean it a bit, because Irina’s mother was coming back this evening.

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