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Israel, the last part.

Week 32 - 50, monday  13 August - sunday 16 December 2012.

Well after many weeks here in Mitzpe Ramon, with lots of cleaning, painting, partying, hiking and what ever what more it’s time for me to continue. I headed down to Eilat to apply for an Egyptian visa at the consulate. The process is very easy and unbelievable fast for arabic standards. In the morning of 14 November I left Mitzpe Ramon at 07.00 to arrived in Eilat at 08.45. I checked in in my favorite Corinne hostel and had a nice chat with David the weird South-African guy who work there. At 09.30 I arrived at the consulate and had to fill in a form with a photo. The visa would be ready at 13.30, and it was. Never experienced such a efficient visa procedure for an Arabic country ! I was really happy to have the visa and planned to leave the next day early in the morning.In the afternoon I went into town to visit my friends Josie and David. They convinced me to stay one more day at there place and so ended I up to leave Israel on the 16th of November instead of the 15th. In the early morning of 16 November I packed my bike and made my self ready for a long day of filling in forms and paying brides to the customs bastards in Egypt. Well it didn’t go as planned and the Egyptian custom bastard were far more nicer than I had met in Nuweiba, so for this my apologize. But still they didn’t let me in and the reason was that I had stand already to long in Egypt with my motorbike. So I had to go back to Israel. I was not really looking forward to go through the hole process again, but there was no choice at all.

And off course the first stupid, silly, arrogant question was made as soon as I arrived at the gate, “ Why do you wear the Arabic scarf?” It lay on the tip of my tongue to ask this just grow up teenage girl, why the hell she was wearing clothes at all? I didn’t ask it her but what %^&$*&^? Well cut a long waiting time into one sentence. It took me 5,5 hours to get myself and my motorbike cleared to enter Israel again. Unless that I had an early start this morning it was already 17.00 when I was back again. My friends Josie and David insisted me to stay one more night at there place instead of driving straight back to Mitzpe Ramon.

During the next couple of weeks I did the usual stuff in the hostel, bud I couldn’t find my spot again and wanted to go out every time. I didn’t know what to do and so I went a couple times with my motorbike into the Maktesh. I did also some camping inside the Maktesh and had an incredible experience in sleeping in an complete silence around me. I had a bit of a problem to get to sleep but in the end I slept like a little baby. After packing my stuff on the back of the motorbike I took a different road to get out of the Maktesh. This road brought me into some problems, the first was that it was steeper than it looked, the second was that there where quit a lot of steps to cover. Those steps brought me in the problems and my beloved J.Lo decided that it was time to take a rest. Usually I would be able to put her back on her wheels but the problem was that she liked to lay downhill. I phoned Lee of the hostel and she arranged some one who would come to help me. After about 45 minutes a hiker helped me to put J.lo back on here wheels. After putting back my stuff, the biker Etai arranged by Lee arrived and advised me to turn around and go the way back I came. I wasn’t really looking forward to do that because of the steep climb. Lucky me, Etai offered me to do it together and I was happy that everything went well and I reached the Maktesh save. From here on it was easy, despite that I brought myself one time in a difficult situation when we had to go to loos sand. And after 42200 kilometer I had finally my first puncture of my trip. It took me two attempts to fix the tyre and so I had one more experience I could ad to my list.

The Green Backpackers reintroduces the shabad dinner and we had a couple nice dinner with lots of food. We found a fondue set in the hostel and introduced the chocolate fondue. Man that chocolate fills you up really quickly but the combination of fruit and chocolate was to good to eat only a bit. We also celebrated ‘Hanukkah’ what also exist of lots of food and family meetings. After all this time in Israel I wanted to do something and I decided that I would not stay longer in Israel and that I would change my plans completely.  On the 15th December I drove my bike back to Haifa and booked my bike and myself a place on the ferry to Greece. At arrival in Greece I wanted to ride back to the Netherlands to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve with friends and family. I started the ride but after about 600km I drove into Macedonia and it was so cold and with all the snow I was afraid hat I wouldn’t make it all the way back. Another change brought me back to Athens were I parked my bike in a secured parking garage and I booked myself a ticket by plane back to the Netherlands. So it Happened that I was back in the Netherlands earlier than expected and that I had to stay in the Netherlands during the winter brrrrr.

In My next update you will read that I have booked a ticket to Taiwan to visit some of my friends over there and to do some diving to be away of the could,  cloudy and wet Holland.

Dinner with the quests in ‘The Green Backpackers’.
Bar party at ‘The Green Backpackers’.
Shana Tova.
Hiking around in the Maktesh at Mitzpe Ramon.
Me being creative at ‘The Green Backpackers’.
Best team ever at ‘The Green Backpackers’.
Me being creative again.
A Shabad dinner at  ‘The Green Backpackers’.
Camping in the Maktesh.

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