Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........

Turkey, Istanbul

Week 35 + 36, monday 29 August - sunday 11 September 2011.
After three weeks in Bulgaria it became time for me to continue my trip to Turkey. Unless the fantastic time i felt that I have to be on the road again. On the forum of Unlimited Horizons I had meet Harry from Austria, who has started his trip al the way down to Africa like me. After some chats we decided to meet each other on wednesday on the road somewhere in Turkey. After two last days spending with Irina it
was a bit strange to be on the road again, but soon enough I enjoyed it again and was excited to enter a new part of my trip. By entering Turkey it felt that I left Europe behind and that it was the last civilization before the middle east. At the border in Ederim, I had to buy a visa in one of the lockets and that wasn’t easy because it wasn’t really clear at with locket I had to be. After 45 minutes I was finally allowed to enter Turkey with the right stamps in my passport. I drove all the way on the highway and there a meet a couple from Czech Republic and we decided to travel
the last kilometers together to Silivri. First we were looking for a campground, but they where not really provide with grass, so we booked ourself into the “Miss Sorf motel”. After some phone calls with Harry it turns out that he had some trouble at the border. He had to buy a insurance and there was a miss understanding. Around 23.00 he finally arrived at the motel and from the beginning on we had some nice chat. We both think the same way of traveling. Taking our time and try to do some volunteer work in africa countries. He have some contacts in South Sudan, Kenya and other countries. The next morning we continued further towards Istanbul, with only 70km riding we
arrived in the center of the metropolis of Turkey. In Istanbul there should be three campgrounds but al of them were for camper vans and mobil homes. They sent us from one end to the other end of town. After riding around for more then three hours we decided to get into a hotel and using the internet to contact one of my contacts in Istanbul. In the evening we get contact with Mehmet from the Istanbul Biker Ass and we were told to be pickup the next morning by one of the members of the club. At noon the next morning we were picked up by
Ahmet with the nickname Abi, he took us to there clubhouse in the Veliefendi area. We arrived here within 10 minutes but it looks like a different world, from a touristic Istanbul to a real daily life Istanbul. When we arrived at the club, we drunk some Turkish tea and we meet Mehmet, with the nickname Zeikkie. At the club was also a biker from the UK called Stuart, who was on his way to India and Nepal. In the afternoon we were sitting in the club and fixing some small thing of Harry’s bike. Abi, who owned the clubhouse and the apartments above offered us
to stay at the apartment they keep reserved for bikers on the road. Zeikkie took us out into town to eat something in the evening, and it took a while before we found a place were we could eat something and were the served bier. We enjoyed the nice atmosphere around and drunk a nice Efes beer. After a short walk to the club I went early to bed because I was quit tiered. The next morning we went down to the club for some more chat and drinking tea and coffee. After searching on the internet for some parts we went into town again around 19.00
to eat some kebabs and drinking some beer. On Sunday morning we went to a Couch surfing meeting in the Taksim area in the Ara cafe. This meeting was organized by one of the local CS-ers to meet traveler in Istanbul. We introduced ourself and after two hours full of nice chats we went for a tour in the Silsi area. We visited a mosque and some other interested places around. Not earlier than 21.00 we were back at the club and with the beers we bought under way we drink and have lots of fun in the apartment.
Till wednesday we stayed in Istanbul where we visited the Ayes Sofia and the Blue Mosque. We been out eating a couple times and on wednesday evening the bikers club organized a good-bye party for us. This last evening I meet a Chinese-French couple who were riding around the mediterranean see on a honda transalp. Together with 15 people we had a nice evening with lots of beer. On thursday morning we took the ferry from Istanbul to Yalova. When we arrived in Bursa we stopped at the BMW-dealer to buy a extra oil filter for my bike. While I was inside Harry get in contact with Brack and Berk, two Turkish guy’s who stayed in Bursa. They invited us to there place and offered us to tour us  around in Bursa. We visited the oldest tree around Bursa, and went to a nice look-out point to oversee the city of Bursa. After this we went downtown to have a different view of Bursa. In de evening we had dinner at there place and at night we went with them to watch the family football event. In
the morning we waked up at 07.00 because we wanted to drive a long distance this time. At 09.00 we drove off in the direction of Biga and there we meet a Turkish biker who advised us to take a smaller road to cross Kazdağı national park. It turned out to be a heavy off-road way to reach Akçay at the western coast of Turkey. We drove almost 100km off-road and where completely covered with dust, ones I laid down my bike when I stopped and my feet slipped away. I also lost my flip-flops during this experience and now somewhere in the bush you can find  “Thermen sauna Papendrecht” flip-flops. When we arrived at the campground the first thing we did was ordering a ice cold
beer, we agreed that we earned one. We stayed on a campground at the sea and after another couple of beers I went to bed around 23.00 and slept like a baby with the sounds of the waves. The next day we went further towards the south of Turkey. we drove today only asphalt roads and past Izmir and had a drink at a cafe, were we meet a German speaking Turkish guy who gave us some tips for our trip. For the night we found a nice campground in Kuşadası. On Sunday we drove further towards Marmaris where we searched for a campground, but we
had to drive another 100km to find a nice one at Göcek. After asking different people we managed to locate this small but nice campground at the waterline hidden between normal houses. We cooked again our dinner ourself and bought some beer at the shop.

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