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Turkey, part II

Week 37 + 38, monday 12 September - sunday 25 September 2011.
We didn’t leave early today because we want to drive only a bit more than 200km to reach the with mountains of Pamukkala. Around 15.00 we arrived here and because of the heat the first thing we did when we stopped was drinking a ice cold beer. After this beer we pitched up our tents and went looking in the surroundings. It wasn’t that big compared with al the tourists here. They all came to visit the Pamukkala. We decided to visit
this mountains the next early morning when the sun still has to rise. We woke up at 06.00 and went to the top and enjoyed the amazing sunrise with beautiful colors as you can see at the pics. After this visit we took a breakfast and went further to Eğirdir. We drove some really nice roads with lots of bends and curves. After several stops for taking pics and drinking coffee we arrived again in the early afternoon at a campground. This campground was located on the edge of the Eğirdir lake and this time we had such a colorful sunset. We cooked ourself a
nice meal again and with a beer from the shop we had a nice evening with lots of fun. We meet here a lot of Turkish people who wanted to talk to us and the al wanted to know “how much bike”. That question is almost every time the first thing the Turkish people ask us. We already reduced the price of our bike for more than 50%. The next day we wanted to ride a bit off-road and heading towards the coast at the mideteranian sea. Unfortunately we both have not a really detailed map and because of this we lost our way a couple times in the area south
of Eğirdir. We ended up two times on a really bad off-road track that we have to turn around. In one of those places a lot of locals surrounded us and gave us “Çay” After riding trough this area for more than three hours we decided to head back and take the normal asphalt road. Within 2 hours we reached the outskirts of Antalya and continued to Manavgat. We heard that there is a nice campground just outside of Manavgat called “Camping Nostalgie”. This campground would have a Swiss
owner so Harry could speak German with here. We arrived at the campground around 17.00 and we were surprised of the fantastic view on the beach and later the sunset. Pitching up the tent was quit difficult because of the hard terrace. We stayed here for two day’s for doing some laundry and updating the websites. I went in to the sea to swim a bit, and it was fantastic that the water was really warm. The following day we headed towards Capadocia, a area with lots of history dating back till 600 BC. Before we really left the city of Manavgat we had to
drink “Çay” at a local motor shop where I bought a locker for my helmet. At 11.30 we finally managed it to go with almost 500km ahead we had to hurry up. During the ride we reached a altitude of 1811 meters. The temperature dropped down till 24˙C. This time we didn’t lost the way, but it still took us till 21.00 to reach a campground in Capadocia. We ended up in Avanos on a campground called Delik. We bargained for the price a night and we ended up to stay there for 10TL a night. We stayed here three nights and in those days we visited the
Rose valley. In the rose valley you see al old living places cut out in the mountains. In the early morning there al also many hot air baloneys in this valley to see the everything from the air. We didn’t go because it cost € 130 for just 2 hours. For this money we can drive almost 2000km. We also visited a underground city called Gaziemir. This underground city covers more than 5000m2 and there lived more then 10.000 people. There are lots of underground city’s in the Capadocia area and they al dated back from the Bronze-age. After visiting this underground city we were invited to eat with a Turkish family near the entrance of this place. It’s amazing how friendly the people are here in Turkey. We drove this day around the 200km and saw some really nice views and afterwards we drunk a cold beer in the Avanos. After three nights we continued our trip further to the east for visiting the Milli Park. One night we stayed in a hotel because of the heavy wind and the dark sky. In the end it didn’t rain but it was very windy outside. On Tuesday we arrived in the Milli Park and we wanted to stay the night at the top op the Nemrut. People had told us that it was p
ossible to pitch up the tent there. Wen we past a small village with the name Eskikahta other people told us that it pas not possible. They offered us a room for 10TL a night each person. We took the offer loaded off all our stuff and went to the Nemrut without luggages. In the first place is riding without luggages much more fun and the bike is easier to handle. When we arrived at the top of the Nemrut we saw immediately that is was not possible to pitch up the tent here. So we were glad that we took the offer for the room. On the top of the Nemrut there are lots
of old monument of al different kind of gods. I added a couple photo’s of them at the Turkey map. The next day we wanted to visit the Gerger castle. We drove lot’s of kilometers off-road and ask for seven times the road, but we could not find the castle. During one of the stops we were invited by a Turkish teacher to eat and drink at his place. So ones again we eat by a local and although the language problems we had a nice time at the teachers place. During our search we also were offered some melons by a local farmer who was also not able to show us the way to the castle. When we returned to the place we stayed they told us that the castle is not open for the public.
Although we didn’t find the castle we had a nice time on the road. On Thursday we went to Şanlıufra where we had to pickup some stuff for Harry’s bike. There is also a motor club who can help us out with any problems if we have. After a search of almost one hour we found the shop and we have to drink a “Çay” first. The next day’s we stayed here in a old house and arrange all different small stuff before entering Syria. We will cross the border with Syria on the 25th of september with
in total six people. One Dutch couple from the Netherlands with a car, a Dutch guy with a motorbike and a Belgium guy with a motorbike. We will pass trough Syria as soon as possible and I would not be online for at least two day’s. That’s why I post this blog already before the end of the date on the top of this page.

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