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Turkey, part III

Week 39, monday 26 September - sunday 02 October 2011.
Another week in Turkey instead of Syria. Let me tell you why. On sunday we took off in the early morning and drove to the Syrian border within 60 minutes, we arrived there at 09.00am We met here other Dutch and Belgium people to cross the border as a group. Unfortunately the others had problems with there passports and were not allowed to continue. Instead of them we were allowed to travel trough Syria, thats at least what they told us at 10.00am. So the three of use, Harry, Lorenso and I handed over our passport to the Turkish officials to get the exit stamps. We were out of Turkey within 15 minutes. At 10.15am we headed towards the Syrian officials to get our visas, our insurances and our carnet the passage (CdP) stamped. We were allowed to passed the first checkpoint and headed towards police checkpoint. We bought our insurances with a bit of a language hassle but it worked out ok. We also bought our visas without any hassles. And from here on they problems started. Because we were with the three of use
they wanted al the papers at ones and because of this, our papers and receipts mixed up and it took them more then one and a half our to get it arranged. At 11.45am we were allowed to proceed and to go to the customs. Harry went as first and he have to unpack all his languages. They looked into everything and after another one and a half hour they decided to not let us enter Syria because of our GPS. We had three off them and we all didn’t like to leaf them behind with those corrupt officers. We argued a lot to lets us trough with our GPS while we promised not to use them during the trip. After 30 minutes of arguing we were still at the same point. No entry with GPS. At 01.30pm we headed back to the Turkish border and they were not happy at all
after all there work they had done earlier. At 02.00pm we were back in Turkey and we were offered to drink “Çay” with some locals. I called Elkan to ask him if it was possible to stay in the house again. No problem at all and he have to laugh that we were back in Turkey. So it happens that we slept another night in the house in ŞanlıUfra. On monday we prepared a package with our GPS units and arranged with a friend to sent it to a hotel in Amman as soon as we called. Today we also checked the internet for more actual information about Syria. The next day we took off again towards the Turkey-Syrian border and arrived there again at 09.00am. Within five minutes we were
checked out of Turkey and entered Syria again. We didn’t have to go trough the hole process of getting a visa and insurance but we were allowed to go direct to the customs. This time all of us have to unpack the bike and put everything on the street so they were able to look true it. During the search they were also asking why I had a display on my  dashboard. I had to show them that it was only for the computer of the engine. During the search they put the computers and camera’s aside and after searching trough our computers they told us that we could not take the laptops and camera’s into Syria. At the moment I heard that, I had enough of Syria and we all turned around and went back to Turkey again. The luck was not on our side, because when we entered Turkey the computer system wasn’t working and we have to wait for more than a hour before we were able to pass trough. In the mean while I called Elkan again to ask him if we were allowed to stay in the house again. At 05.00pm we where back in ŞanlıUfra. The same night we went to the internet cafe to search for a solution. Lorenso decided to head back to Greece and take the ferry to Israel. We didn’t like to go all the way back and took our time to search a bit longer for a solution. Wednesday and thursday we
searched the internet and came to 3 solutions. 1. Going to the Iraqi border and try to get a visa over there, but the bad thing here was that only the northern region is safe. 2. Going trough Iran, Pakistan and India en heading to Asia. For this option we had to go to Ankara to get some visa’s. 3. Go all the way back to Greece to take also the ferry to Israel. For this option we needed a second passport otherwise we would not be able to enter Egypt or any other country in the middle east. At thursday we were invited to have a dinner with some bikers to celebrate our good-bye ones more. On friday we repacked our bikes and made them ready to go to Ankara. The plan was to get as much as possible information for option one and two. In the early morning of saturday 01 october we took of to Ankara and drove almost 500km and we stayed the night in a hotel in Aksaray. During the ride to Aksaray we drove trough some hills and reach a altitude of 1892m and in the meantime the temperature dropped down till 10 degrees Celsius. I turned my heated handgrips on the highest stand and during a stop I changed some clothes to get warm again. This night we decided to stay in a hotel because of the cold. The next morning we enjoyed a four star breakfast and eat enough so we didn’t have to stop on our way for lunch. Around 04.00pm we arrived in Ankara.

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