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Turkey, part IV

Week 39, monday 03 October - sunday 09 October 2011.
This week starts with visiting the embassy of Pakistan, but there the only answer was NO. You have to get a visa in your home country, according to the “country policies”. After this we went to the embassy of Iran and they answered that we have to show them a Pakistan visa before they let us enter the country. It’s not really what we thought it would be, so much red tape and no real action. We went to the embassy of Austria to get a letter of recommendation for Harry. He got one without any problem. After this we found our way to the embassy of the Netherlands. For one single letter I had to pay € 60 and still it was no guarantee to get a visa for Pakistan. During the time we had to wait at the Dutch embassy, a retired
Turkish man offered us lunch in exchange for our stories. After a nice lunch we went to the BMW dealer to get oil and an oil filter. Two weeks ago the sun visor of my helmet gave problems and I went to another BMW dealer to see if they were able to fix the visor. Immediately after we arrived a sales man comes to us to offer us tea. After an hour of chatting we went back to the bikes and there was a man looking at the bikes. When he saw us, he came to us and asked us a lot of questions about the bikes. It turned out to be the general manager Azmi Kelemcisoy. After a short chat he asked us what he could do for us. I told him about my helmet and that it would take two weeks to get spare parts for the sun visor and that we didn’t have the time to wait for that. He offered me a new helmet because I was a BMW customer. He didn’t want
money for the helmet. I told him that I wanted stickers on the helmet of his company. At night we went to a CS-meeting in downtown, we met other CS-ers; they were in general Turkish. The next day on Tuesday we went to the embassy of Pakistan again, but we were sent back again with the same answer. The guy from the reception became irritated with us and told us to come back the next day at 10.00. The consular would be there to help us further. The consular unfortunately told us the same thing as the reception guy. Further he gave us the advice to try at the embassy of Pakistan in Tehran. At least we had tried
everything to get a visa. After all the no answers we went to the embassy of Iran and told them that we were not be able to get a visa for Pakistan, but that we still wanted to travel trough Iran. We told them that we wanted to come back to Turkey after three weeks. We had to fill in a form and transfer €50 to their account and within two days we had our visa for Iran. After arranging this stuff we went to a fuel station to change our oil. After two hours our bikes were clean again and filled with fresh oil. For dinner Harry made us a really tasty Austrian dinner with rice, vegetables and chicken. With a nice beer and
some chats with Karine we went to bed around 00.00. The next morning we went to the BMW dealer to pick up my helmet and my new tank bag. On Saturday we left Ankara behind to continued our trip to Iran. Harry wanted to see the black sea coast, so we went up to the coast and looked around. It was not what we expected to see, because the Turkish people throw all the rubbish on the street and beach. We found a small hotel in Samsung and went out to eat pizza for dinner. The next day we drove all the way to Trabzon where we searched for a campground. We found one with a restaurant where we ordered a meal with rice and salmon. At night we didn’t pitch
up the tent but put our sleeping bags on the grass. We mounted a piece of plastic between our bikes and that was our tent for the night. Our last night in Turkey was in Doğubayazıt, we stayed at a campground which was operated by a Turkish and Dutch guy. It was quite a dirty place but at least we found something. The next day we entered Iran, you can read more of this experience in the next update. 

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