Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........

Tehran, the capital and.....

Week 42 - Week 45, monday 17 October - friday 11 November 2011.

Arriving in Tehran wasn’t that bad, we arrived in the capital around 11.00. The traffic was in general quite easy going. We had a personal guide from the club who brought us to the Pakistan embassy. After we arrived at the embassy it took us only 30 minutes to find out that we were not be able to get a Pakistan visa in Tehran. We heard again that the government rules say that we have to apply for a visa in our home country. After this we went to the Indian embassy. The first part we were escorted by two policeman on a moped. After they told us to continue we lost the road a bit. Fortunately there were
enough people to help us, despite the fact that they didn’t know the road either. We drove through the city center for a while before we finally found someone who actually knew the location of the Indian embassy. After an hour we arrived at the embassy, but here we heard that we were at the wrong place and that we had to go to the visa application center 500 meters away from the embassy. Because of the language barrier it took us another 30 minutes to find the place. Here they told us that we first needed a letter of recommendation of our own embassy, after this we had to go back to the Indian embassy who would check us at the Indian embassy in our own country.
This would take around 7 days. After this we would be able to apply for the actual visa at the application center and this would take another 7 days. We were a bit disappointed of the amount of work we had to do before we could have a visa. After this news we called a former colleague of Harry at the KSB office in Tehran. We found a person who liked to guide us trough the city to the KSB office. After only ten minutes we arrived here and I met Fahrad and Bijan. We had some nice chat and drunk a cup of coffee at the office. Bijan offered us to stay at his place the night and for as long as we needed in Tehran. After two hours we parked our bikes in the garage of KSB and took the necessary stuff for the night and went to Bijan’s place. After a
nice warm shower we went out to an Italian restaurant. Bijan, Farhad and Harry took a pizza and I took a nice pasta. Around 00.00 we went to bed and after a nice night we woke up at 08.00 in the morning. With Bijan we went to the KSB office and after coffee I went to the Dutch embassy. Here I was told that I had to come back the next morning at 07.00. The rest of the day we searched the internet to find a way to ship our bikes to India. There were two options; first we could ship our bikes in a container. The bikes would go by a cargo ferry to India and we had to fly by our selves. Second option is to go together with the bikes on a ferry to Dubai and find out over there how to transport the bikes to India. After searching the internet we figured out that the second option would be very expensive. Harry didn’t like the idea of getting separated from his bike. We didn’t find a solution that day yet. The next morning I took a taxi to the Dutch embassy and got the letter within 15 minutes and after this we went to the Indian embassy. When we got there they told us that it would take at least 10 days to get the confirmation from the Indian embassy. And by the way the desk was closed and we had to come back the next day again. By now we were pissed off !!!!!!! On the way back to the KSB office I decided to
fly back to the Netherlands and arrange the visas from there. I figured that it would be easier to get the visas at home, at least you can communicate in your own language. And so it happens that on friday at 03.00 in the morning I was on my way to the Netherlands.

Back in the Netherlands I had to get my winter clothes first. So my good friend Annelies picked me up from the airport and went to here place. I slept here one night and exchanged lot of stories of the last six months. The next day I was allowed to use here car and I drove to my sister. Here I stayed two nights and  started to find out some visa stuff. On sunday I went to Rotterdam city and meet here Pedro and Irina. The next two nights I stayed by my friend Liesbeth in Gouda and went again
up and down to the Den Haag to figure some stuff out. The people at the Iran embassy told me that I needed a invitation before I could apply for a visa. This has to be done by the internet. I went to the Pakistan embassy and here the told me that the needed to see the Iran visa first. It’s not going to smoothy as I had hooped. Today I was also able to pick up a motor at F.Breeman. The offered me a bike as long as I stayed in Holland. In this way I was able to travel independently to all the places i needed to go. Back in Gouda I called Pedro to ask if I could stay at his place and that was not a problem at al. So I stayed the next night in Rotterdam. On friday Sabaï had arranged a dinner. This evening I meet Fu, George, Irina and of course Sabaï and Pedro was also there. Because we all drunk alcohol I was allowed to stay at Pedro’s place again. Lucky as I was I get invited to join my friends with Helloween, so I stayed the next two days in Spijkernise at John and Carla’s plce. On sunday I went to the sauna and this was one of the things I have missed the last six months. The next day I went back to my sisters place and stayed there two more nights. Later the week I have meet also Arnout and Ghazali, we had the planed to meet Rute. Unfortunately I was not able to make it to Leiden. The next couple nights I stayed at
Ghazali’s place and had lot of nice chat’s. I was still waiting for the invitation letter for Iran and was therefor not able to apply for the Pakistan visa yet. Ghazali took me out for dinner with some friends and the next day also to climbing. It was my first time ever and I really enjoyed it. Finally on Thursday afternoon I get the visa and so it happened that I went back to Iran with only a visa for Iran. I already decided that I was going back to Turkey to drive all the way back to Greece to get a Ferry for my motorbike to Israel and a plane ticket for myself.

I like to say thanks to everybody who helped me out with giving me a place to stay and al the other stuff like washing my clothes. I liked to be around with my friends and family for those three weeks.

The friends I was not able to visit I will  come around the next time when I’m back in NL.


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