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Athene, Greece

Week 47, monday 21 November - sunday 27 November 2011.
After leaving Chios behind me I was heading to Piraeus the port of Athene. The trip took a bit more than ten hours and for the night I had booked an economy seat. The seat was not really designed to be slept  in but at least it was cheap. To be able to sleep I ordered a large beer and read something on my kindle. Unfortunately I was not able to get to sleep and there were people around me snoring like hell. I used some earplugs and that helped a bit. I slept bit by bit but woke  up every now and then. Somehow  I managed to sleep a bit and when I woke up I hardly felt my left leg anymore. I guess the bloodstream
had stopped for a while when I was asleep and I expected to get the feeling back in a couple of minutes. My leg was feeling like it was being hit by a million needles. It took more than a couple of minutes and to be precise, it took altogether almost a week for me to lose this strange feeling in my left leg. I managed to walk around but I had to be careful because I was afraid my ankle would collapse. At 07.30am we arrived at the dock and we started to unstrap the motor. By ‘we’ I mean the French couple I met the day before at Çeşme. They had taken a cabin but didn’t sleep that much because they were not used to sleeping at a ferry. After fifteen minutes  we were able to leave the ferry and after saying goodbye we left the port in the direction of Athene. After a couple of kilometers we each went our own way. On a spot I stopped to call Nikolas  to arrange  for
something later in the day. We made an appointment for later in the day and I went to the Dutch embassy where I wanted to apply for a second passport to be able to enter Israel without problems. I knew that you also could get a stamp on a separate piece of paper. But I wanted to be sure that I was able to enter Egypt after visiting Israel. I also wanted a letter of invitation which I needed in order to get the Sudan visa. Usually you have to apply for a Sudanese visa in Cairo, but there is also a possibility to get a visa in Aswan, but either way you need a letter of invitation from the Dutch embassy. To avoid Cairo I like to get this letter from the Dutch embassy in Athene. When I arrived at the Dutch embassy I was helped by a friendly woman who was willing to help me as much as possible. After filling in the application for the second passport she offered to
prepare  the letter for Sudan as soon as I would pick up my second passport. After less than an hour this was all arranged and I went to Syntagma to meet Nikolas. After 30 minutes I meet Nikolas at MacDonalds. We chatted a lot and during our walk through the city we went to a cafe to drink  coffee. After this break Nikolas guided me further to Athene. Unfortunately he had not that much time, because he had lots of work to finish and to prepare his business trip for the next week. After two hours he went back to his house and I went looking for a hostel. I ended up in “Youth Hostel no. 5” on walking distance from the real centre. The price was a nice amount of € 10 a night. I didn’t know yet how long I would stay in Athene and booked just for two nights. The rest of the day and the next day I spend with updating my site and searching for info to get my bike shipped to Israel. I found this Salamis shipping trough a friend and after some emails I called them and got some forms to fill in. I also got a letter from the VAT office in the Netherlands to fill in. I printed it out, filled it in, scanned it and sent it back to the Netherlands. Another issue handled. On Wednesday I went into town to visit “the temple of Zeus”, “the Acroplis” and “the national stadium”. I also walked through the city and had coffee here and there. In the late afternoon I was back at the hostel and made myself a simple but delicious dinner bought by the Lidl. It was nice to have a Lidl this close
by so I was able to keep the coast low for eating. The next couple of days I went basically into town for walking around and doing some sight seeing. During this time I met different people from the US and from Germany. You meet Germans everywhere, they look like Dutch people !!!!!! On Wednesday evening I went together with Nikolas to a nice viewpoint on the other end of the city and enjoyed the fantastic view at the city of Athene at night. On Friday I went to a BMW motorrad dealer to replace my mud protector which was broken during my trip trough Kurdistan. During this ride I hit a huge pothole and cracked my mud protector. Because of all the snow and the rain afterwards there were so many potholes that I hit some of them. When I arrived at the dealer they helped me by telling me that this mud protector was not necessary when I drove with mud tire. Besides the fact that one of the bolts were broken I saved probably around the €80. On Saturday I decided to leave the next morning to explore the island of Korinthia, because I had to wait at least a week to get my second passport. On sunday morning at 10.00am I left the hostel and drove in the direction of Delphi. Another place with some historical places. I drove this day only 200km but the road was amazing again, with great hairpins I ended up at the “Delphi campground”. I decided to stay here two nights so I had time on Monday to visit some places. You find the photos of this week at the Greece part of the Photo’s page.

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