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Greece, back and forward

Week 48+ 49, monday 28 November - sunda
y 11 December 2011.
It’s already two weeks ago that I wrote the last update and this one isn’t that exciting at all. After I left Athens I went to Delphi. Delphi is a mountain village with lots of archaeological remains. On Monday I took my time to look around those remains. Every time I see the remains of those huge buildings I’m impressed by the thoughts that they made those buildings all by hand and none by electronic high tech stuff. In the time we live right now, we have all the machines we can think about and if we need another tool we just make it. There is almost nothing we cannot make right now. But imagine the amount of people needed to make for example the Acropolis in Athens. Those pieces of stone are so heavy that it takes a couple of grown-up men to lift it. I stayed two nights in my tent at the Delphi camping and it was pretty cold during the nights. I didn’t sleep that much during those nights. On Tuesday I
continued my trip further to the west. I took road 48 towards Patra and had a fantastic road along the coast. Halfway I stopped to drink a cup of coffee in one of the many little places along the coast. During this stop I inspected the oil level of my motor once more and saw that I had to add some oil. After this was done I went further and after I passed Patra and drove the way down to Zacharo. This time I took a hotel room, because I wanted to have a decent night of sleep. You can see that this is a touristic area, because even in the off season the prices are still quite expensive. I had to pay € 40 for one night in a family hotel. At least I had a nice bed and slept fantastically. My usual wakeup was again around 07.30am so I had another long day ahead of me. The weather was fantastic and after only 77km I saw a nice little village called Gialova and decided to take a
break here. It was still 12.30pm and I made the choice to stay here the night. I checked in a room and went to the little jetty to drink a beer. Later the afternoon I took a nice Greece Salad in a little Taverne called Meandros. This taverne was managed by a Dutch Mother and daughter who were immigrated from the Netherlands. We had a chat for about 30 minutes and it turned out that they wanted to have a small website for their taverne. After I offered to make one for them they offered me a place to stay and for the time I was working at the website dinner and some drinks. For the next couple of days I stayed at
a really nice house in Koryfasio, and went at day time to the Taverne where I managed to make a website. One day I also went to Pylos which is a nice small town with a harbour and lots of restaurants and bars. On Thursday I called the embassy in Athens and they confirmed that my passport had arrived. On Saturday I finished the website and put it online and wanted to go as soon as possible back to Athens to arrange my trip to Israel. On Sunday I packed my bike and the moment that I was ready to go, the sky turned dark grey and within fifteen minutes there was such a heavy shower that I decided to stay a day longer. Fortunately the sky cleared after one and a half hours and I decided that I would still go to Athene that day. I wasn’t sure yet if I wanted to take a tourist route or just the main road to Athens. When I was on the road for one hour the sky
became cloudy again and I could see the rain on the horizon. That was the moment that I took the decision to take the main road to be in Athens as fast as possible. From Messini on I went north and after Tripoli the main road became a three lane road and this went on all the way to Athens. The closer I came to Athens the more toll I had to pay. And what I never did before during this trip I did here, I drove 120km/h to keep ahead of the rain. At 17.00pm I arrived at the same hostel I stayed before. After exactly one week I was back in the capital of Greece. The next day it rained a bit and I took the time to
figure out the way to transport my bike to Israel. After some search I managed to make contact with Salamis shipping in Pireaus. The next day I went into town to collect my second passport and to made an appointment for the service of my bike. I also got some information to get new tires for my trip into Africa.

When I was riding with Harry in Turkey, we contacted a tyre company in Germany to get tires for testing. They gave us two set of tires and they sent it to an address in Austria. When I got back to Holland to arrange some stuff, Harry managed to
get his tires with him to Iran. He told me that I could have my tires sent to any address I wanted. After trying to contact Harry in several ways he could not managed to give me my set of tires. After this experience I learned once more that I had to take care of my own stuff. So I had to buy new tires while there was a set of brand new tires of mine somewhere in Austria.

On Friday I brought my bike to the BMW-dealer in Athens to get the 40.000km service. Within a couple of hours my bike was ready for another adventure in the continent of Africa. I’m
really excited about going over there. In my next update I will tell you all about my transport to Israel and the first days in the country that’s known to be the heart of the world. This is because of the story of the “Bible”. I grew up as a Protestant and besides that I’m not an active believer since the age of 20, it will be a nice experience to verify some of the stories with the actual places.

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