Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........

Dear visitors,

Welcome to my site where you can read about my experiences during my trip from cape to cape and further. The update process depends on the availability of internet in the places I stay. Unfortunately I will not be able to update daily my website but keep on looking on my site and tell about it to your friends. The more people know of my project the more people can donate to Unicef, don’t forget this!!

I was inspired about this plan when I was travelling in Australia in 2003. After this year I knew for sure that there is much more to discover in the world and I wanted to do it on a motorbike. Riding a motorbike is my biggest hobby. It still took me 7-8 years, until 2011 before I managed to save money and realize my great trip.

After two years full with preparations I finally managed to get on the road with my BMW R1200GSA. Preparing meant to quit my job, sell my house and get rid of all my personal belongings. With nothing more than my new motorbike, a little savings and some clothes I departed on 6th of April 2011.

Saying good-bye to all my friends and my family was the most difficult thing to do. The rest was just material things and they only represented money.

My trip is not a trip planed in advance, only the major directions are: travelling from the North-cape in Norway

and then al the way down to South-Africa. The way in

between depends on the situation during my journey and

also on the money I earn during this period.

I like to keep you updated at least once a week, but forgive me if there are two weeks in between two posts. Everything depends on the availability of internet. I hope you enjoy the readings and if you want, you can leave a personal note in my guestbook.



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Countries I have visited: