Cape to cape and further

Richard is on the road for his major trip.

Destination: all the way..........

On this page you can find “my learning moments” I call them “Tips” for you and useful GPS-coordinates. If there are any questions feel free to ask.

GPS-Coordinates for free, or cheap camping:







To be insured during my multiyear trip I’m using the special ISIS insurance from JOHO. They combine my travel insurances with a basic health insurance up till three weeks a year in my home country.

To avoid the crowed centre of Cairo, get your letter of invitation for Sudan at an other place. I get my letter at the embassy in Athene.

For a visa for Iran I advice you to apply in Ankara, only two days and €50. No need for a invitation letter what so ever.

For a free place in Nuweiba, Egypt go and visit Nuweiba village. For six hours work a day you get your night for free and three meals a day.

Lots of hostels are interested in volunteers and in return you get free accommodation and often money to buy food. A good place to do volunteers work is “The Green Backpackers”, in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel.

If heading south along the western coast of the Africa continent, apply for a Mauritanian visa in Rabat €20. At the border it will coast you €50.

Getting a insurance for the Ecowas countries, don’t wait to buy it at the borer. I bought a 3 months insurance for 17325 UM in Nouakchott. The company name is TAAMIN.

A very helpful and quick place to get a Mali visa is at the embassy in Nouakchott. Costs:

1 month / 1 entrance 6500UM

1 month / 2 entrance 8000 UM

2 months / 2 entrance 10000 UM

3 months / multiple entrance 16000 UM

Countries I have visited:

N 55˚49.568’,  E 008˚12.88‘

N 56˚57.899’,  E 008˚24.436’

N 57˚29.960’, E 010˚18.155’

N 58˚04.540’, E 007˚21.056’

N 59˚31.187’, E 006˚35.406’

N 60˚21.816’, E 012˚02.494’

N 62˚50.715’, E 011˚48.252’

N 61˚04.649’, E 011˚20.823’

N 62˚50.715’, E 011˚48,252’

N 66˚42.675’, E 013˚27,793’

N 67˚26.326’, E 015˚33.686’

N 68˚27.970’, E 015˚24.084’

N 68˚12.551’ E 014˚16.317’

RMK provide free camping places al over the country, see

Bishbishi Village garden, Dahab. Ask Jimmy or Oula and you can get a private room for about 40 LE.